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    Getting coyotes close....

    I used to use a tape recording of babies crying that I made at St. Luke's Hospital in Boise. Worked great back in the seventies. John
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    Boise Gunsmith ?

    There used to be a place in Meridian called Inter Mountain Arms. It was run by a guy named Danny Sweet. Don't know if the place is still there, but Danny was the best gunsmith and stock maker I ever saw. Coyoteman
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    Been gone for a while.

    Hi Folks, Just stumbled across the forums site again. I guess It has been about 3 or 4 years since I have been here. Went thru a pretty rough patch a while back and lost touch with most all my friends on the different forum pages I used to visit regularly. Glad to find this one again. I...
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    just moved to boise

    Hey Wiley, Where did you live in Nampa. Back in the late seventies, I lived in the little white house on the cornor of 11th., Ave and 11th, Ave. Rd. I moved from there back to California, then out to Maryland in 1985. Boy, do I miss Idaho.
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    Calling all coyote hunters!!!

    GFHunter, When I liven in Idaho back in the seventies, I had pretty good luck playing tapes of babies crying. I made the recordings in a hospital nursery. Sometimes we would have the dogs come four and five at a time. Just watch your scent, and don't play the tape too loud. About half volume to...
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    free handmade loading blocks

    I would be happy to try your loading blocks If one set could be made for .44 Mag that would also handle .45acp, I'll try them and report back. I'll even pay the shipping costs. E-mail me at Thanks John AKA Coyoteman
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    Hi folks, I have been away for so long, I couldn't remember my logon info. I got lost with the new format. Anyway, glad to be back. Coyoteman
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    Something on the Predential election

    A friend of mine sent this to me, and I thought some of you might like to ponder it. This man speaks a great truth.: Editorial on the Upcoming Presidential Elections Sterling Hill wrote: > This is absolutely excellent. Hopefully it can be widely circulated to > anyone willing to face the...
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    USO bumper stickers for sale........

    A-con Is there any way we can make things tough on USO so there client base falls? I am on the other side of the country but in the next few years, I am planning to move back to Nevada to be closer to my Mother and Sister who are both getting up in years. I would really like to be able to...
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    USO bumper stickers for sale........

    OK, I have been living in a cave. Forgive my ignorance, but what does "USO" standfor? I live in MAryland, and thought it still had something to do with entertaining our troops. Someone please educate me. John
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    Frog legs?

    Boy, this is a subject that brings back some old memories. BAck in 1969, a friend of mine and I decided to drive down to Los Banos, Cal. and do some frog gigging. We lived just north of San Jose, California, so it was about an hour and fifteen minute drive. Bobby had a 12 foot aluminum boat that...
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    Question on .223 ammo

    Thanks Snuffy. I guess I'll run down and buy a few boxes. Take care, and tell Mrs. Snuffy(if there is one ) Happy Mother's Day! :D
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    My Post Op. Apointment,,,,,

    Hey Hunterman, You take it easy. Don't try to come back too soon. A co-worker of mine had some shoulder work done about a year ago. He came back to work after two weeks off, and wreaked himself again moving a door. He has been off work for over a year now. Lost his home and his truck. Make sure...
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    Question on .223 ammo

    OK folks, I need some opinions. I have a friend that just picked up a new CZ Varminter in .223. He wants to reload for it, but still has to buy the dies and some brass. Bass Pro Shops has some ammo on sale, and he asked me if it was any good to shoot, and if it was good brass to reload. The ammo...
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    Hooray for Dr. Laura!

    I have been listening to Dr. Laura for years and she is always sticking up for the guys teaching their kids guy stuff. She is not a big fan of guns and hunting, but she is like a Pit Bull with AIDS when it comes to defending our constitutional rights to own guns. She is diffinatly on our side...