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    Idaho Draw

    I got nothing in the mail yet,but I checked on-line and once again my wife draws good and I get squat.I got my extra doe tag for 11A and she got hers for 15,but she also got a cow tag for unit 11.I put in for the unit 11 bull tag and she wanted a late cow hunt and it looks like she gets what she...
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    Liddell and Ortiz

    moosie, you missed some good fights the other night.Everytime my friends and i watch a UFC pay-per view we think about whether it's worth the price to go to a live fight.I'm sure we'll eventually break down and go.We all seem to waste more than the price of a ufc ticket on other dumb crap we...
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    Whats a good run ?

    I started a new diet and excercise programm a couple weeks ago.I told my wife I wanted to get in better shape and she is holding me to it.I am spending 40 minutes a day on the treadmill,5 minute warm-up and cool down,30 at about a 10 minute mile pace.The first couple days I thought she was...
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    Look out...

    Way to get the kid started early.
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    Guns, Gear, etc.

    The wife bought me a new Garmin Rhino and gave her blessing on all new hunting clothes for next year,and the best gift was she told she made it through the holidays using all cash.No new credit card bills.I think that may be a first for her.
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    Tom in the Tree

    Cool pics.
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    4th and final SD buck for '06

    Sounds like you had a good season.Conratulations.
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    MT whitetails

    A couple nice bucks.Congrats to both of you.
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    Daughters first Mule deer

    Congratulations to the both of you.Nice buck and some cool pics.
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    Idaho unit 10 and 12

    Tone is correct.The Forest Service permit should not be needed by next year.The B tags as you noted are starting to sell out already and the A tags will be mostly gone by spring.
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    Next years Hunts?

    I'll probably try again for a moose permit.The wifes moose was damaged in a house fire a couple years ago,and while it's being re-done it will never be the same.Also have never got a really good muley to go with the whitetails,so that needs to get done next year.Also the wife insists that I kill...
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    son's first elk hunt

    Congrats to you and the boy.You should both be proud of that bull.
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    son's first elk hunt

    Congrats to you and the boy.You should both be proud of that bull.
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    Photos of our Montana Muley hunt

    Sounds like a nice successful hunt.Thank's for the pics.
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    Wifes 05 Bighorn

    TheTone Don't count yourself out of drawing that tag.If you look at the number of residents that apply,your odds are better than most people think.Remember that at least one of the 2 tags goes to a resident.Or you could just buy the auction tag next time it comes up:) .We had hoped to have her...
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