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    Outdoorsmans Tripod or Something Else?

    Slik 634 with Sirui VA 5 panhead....freaking money and not super heavy. Been running the setup for a bit over a year now and really happy with it.
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    Spotting Scope Cover

    Hi all, I have a swaro STX 85mm scope. Any advice on what case/cover to run? I primarily backpack hunt...just got the spotter. Have looked at a few...the swaro case seems ridiculously overpriced/bulky...maybe I am wrong? I did see on Gohunt that they have a marsupial case that looks decent...
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    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    S&W 629pd w/ buffalo bore 255gr Keith loads...only carry it in heavy bear country though. People talk crap on it because it kicks a lot but I love the thing. Like what a lot of other have mentioned as well.
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    Wallows, Rocks, or Run off

    I agree. It looks marshy/watershed type layout. If you are on Google Earth can you change the date the picture was taken to see if the "objects" change or if there is more water there. The areas that I have been looking at on my own have similar characteristics but there is a ton of...
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    Why my pack sucks: Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Exo, Seek, Mystery Ranch, Kuiu, etc.

    MR Metcalf - 4 years, 6 elk (only two were mine) several deer. Pros- I love the meat shelf and the ability to run a 3L water bladder. I drink a lot of water and having it easily accessible keeps me hydrated and reminds me to constantly drink. I love that it can go over 4000ci but also is easy to...
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    Best state to take up residency

    What about California?! Why hasnt anyone mentioned it? Great hunting opportunities (elk and bighorn tags abound), very low tax rates, friendly locals, uncrowded roads and traditional family values.
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    Thoughts on Fast Eddie XL Double Pin?

    Spott hogg makes absolutely bomb proof sights. They are the toughest and most reliable sights on the market I feel. I just switched to an Axcel 5 pin with slider and I am always afraid of setting it down wrong or dropping it on a rock when I am in the field. I used Spott Hogg for years. I dont...
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    Utah fish lake early rifle elk!

    Wow that is outstanding. What a great hunt. I have heard that while the trophy potential may not be what it is in other units top tier units, that the Fishlake hunt is the funnest hunt in the west because of the size of the herd and the amount of bugling that goes on. People say its mesmerizing...
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    Utah is hitting CC cards.

    NADA for me but was hail mary's across the board anyways.
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    Cure for Buck Fever

    This time of year is extremely fun. I love the planning/buying of stuff for the hunt. I budget it out the rest of the year so when I finally get to pull the trigger it feels great. It will be here before ya know it!
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    Hahaha...thats actually really funny. I didnt mean to be that guy. The superlight conversation honestly drives me nuts. Tarps are honestly just the one thing that I wish I would have just done from the beginning. I realize how much pain I brought on myself carrying around a standard 2p tent. The...
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    Not meaning to open a whole other can of worms but I am a tarp convert. I have a Kifaru Supertarp and you can run the tarp and piece of Tyvek sheeting on the ground and your at about a pound and a half total weight and will withstand almost anything September can throw your way. You also have...
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    Idaho OTC archery tag

    Im pretty sure Sawtooth tags sold out by mid January.
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    Arrow weight for elk Kinetic energy

    I listen a lot to John Dudley's take on this and go as heavy as you can while still shooting in that 270-280fps. Above 280fps and tuning that arrow becomes much more difficult. Arrow weight doesnt matter if you are hitting all over the place because your arrows wont tune. With regard to blood...
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    Colorado Elk and Mule Deer & Units ???

    There are a lot of units to hunt on one point (draw) especially for archery. You can also apply for a PP as your first choice and then hunt OTC rifle or archery elk. In a state like CO, you can absolutely hunt every year with or without the draw. There are a ton of excellent mule deer units that...