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Your favorite breed tree hound?


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
Many folks do have a favorite breed of tree dog! I admit I love them old Blueticks and black and tans, But if I was to have to pick, I would rather go with pup starters off of a black and tan gyp and a male treeing walker!

I like the speed and tree bark of the walker,along with the cold nose and bawl of them black hounds! Now my hound freinds that is a hard to beat combo and seems them third generation crosses are easy to break!

I think cuz is going to put that combo together with this years pups and they should be definate starters before 8 months!

Now, what is your favorite breed or cross?
No plotts or curs please

My favorites have definitely been crosses. Walkers with Plotts. Black and tans with walkers. Blue Ticks with Plotts. Favorite dog ever was a big Red Tick looking dog, but his dad was a registered Walker, mom was a walker cross. He was a machine! I'll have to post a pic of him real soon.
I have had{at one time or another} just about every breed of hound, always seem to go back to walkers! Walkers are real popular around here for coon, There are so many limestone bluffs, you need a fast dog to tree them before they can get to em'.
You know me CUZ!! it dont matter to me as long as they trail and tree! I have a passion for Black and Tans, also for Walkers and also for redbones, and blueticks of course, and redticks. Had a plott or two in my day, and lots of crossbreds. I like SPOT, he is out of a redbone (MOOSE DOG) and a black and tan Female (ginger)! I like our other dog POOH and ya know she is a crossbred dog! SHEET I like em all Thump!!!! What can I say!!! bcat

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My best dog was a registered Treeing Walker, not much personality but he definitely took care of business. Devastating on coons, he weighed about 95 pounds in hunting shape and had a whip butt attitude. I like the look of the blue ticks, but I only had one and it was killed by a rattle snake as a pup, so I don't know how well they hunt.
This is my favorite hound of all time, after hunting with a couple hundred of them over the years. He died several years ago of old age. THe litter he came out of was amazing. Registered walker and a walker cross (cant really remember what else she had). The litter turned out this redtick looking guy, several black and tan looking dogs and a redbone looking dog. Every single one of them were great. Right here he's treeing on a lion on opening day of bear season. Nice big tom.

I have had all colors but am a walkerman

and thats what I like to see at the end of every trail

I myself can't say I dislike any breed of hound. I like them all, listening to my dogs is like turning on the radio and hearing a fine bunch of muscians playing together. All these dogs have a different sound, boy that makes the blood rush in my veins, I guess I get a real high out of it. It's a cheap drunk with no after affects. I have had better luck with the crosses verses pure breds. It seems something is always happening to a pure bred, one way or another. Same holds true with those high bred horses, now that is another story though.