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YoungRobinHood's Deer PICS


New member
Nov 21, 2001
well Me and mikey b. drove down to the lease and got there about 6 A.M. sunday morning. My sister(deerchik) had killed one saturday morning so we decided to go set where she set. we got every thing ready and got to the tree about 6:15 and we set out some scent and climbed up about 30 minutes later a few deer poped up in the only thick spot we watched them as they disappeared and we hit the bleat can and grunted then we looked back around and there stood a big doe all by her self looking right at us straight ahead, and i hadn't seen a deer since the last one in september that i shot. so i decided to take it, mikey told me to wait for it to cross the old fence line but i thought he said to take it when i could get a shot :confused: so i shot it. it ran maybe ten yards and ran into the old fence and hit a tree so i knew i hit it good well we found it. It was a good doe though. it probably weighed about 90 to 95lbs. And thinks to dad(meathead) because him and mikey scouted it and dad set it up. but me and him(dad) have had some fun hunts too