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Mar 18, 2002
Well it was a good morning and was going to get in the 80's today so he just took the first two deer we saw. Then l like to had a heat stroke dragging them out.
Uh...Grant...where is the hat???

Congrats on the deer ;)

Now if we could only get your dad to shoot a few does :rolleyes: we would have more and bigger bucks
Congrats, Grant! Dang Tennesseeans always shooting two at a time.
Deerchik's turn next...I guess she'll shoot two bucks just to keep things even. ;)
Well heres the story. We woke up at about 5:45 and got everything ready and left at about 6:00. After about a 45 minute drive we got to the WMA that we were hunting on.

After about a 10 minute hike to our stand we got up in the stand setting on the edge of a cornfield bordered by a swap on one side. So we set there until about 8:00 and we heard lots of sloshing and noise comming from the swamp. Dad hit me on the shoulder and told me that the noise was the deer going through the swamp and told me to get ready. Well soon enough 5 does walked out to the edge of the corn. They fed down the side until 2 of them got out to where i could get a shot off. Well the wind must have blew our scent to them because the deer in the front acted like she smelt something and turned and headed back for the swamp. Well i was wanting the biggest doe to walk on out to where i could get a shot on her but i was afraid that the other deer would follow the first one so i put the crosshairs on the only deer that i had a clear shot on and gently squezzed off the trigger.

The deer jumped and ran off into the corn and the other deer ran toward the corner of the corn and the biggest one stopped in a good spot where i could get a shot on it. I moved the crosshairs over to that deer and before i could get a shot off, the deer i had already shot circled back around to the corner and spooked the deer i was about to shoot off.

Well dad bleated trying to get some of the deer to come back and suddenly i saw a deer just about to walk out. Well i started getting in position to shoot this one when someone in the field next to us shot and this deer ran off. So dad started bleating again and after about 10 minutes another deer walked out and turned broadside and gave me a nice shot and i squezzed off the trigger and this deer ran probably 15 yards and fell.

I was glad that one this WMA i could shoot both deer at the same time because it was supposed to have gotten up to 85 degrees today and i didn't really feel like hunting through that heat. So after we cleaned the deer and everything we started the 1/2 mile drag to the truck. I was glad that i had so much success today and was glad that i had a dad who would take me hunting

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