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As many of you know, I have been on this board since it's conception years ago and with the core group that started it on a couple of other boards even before that. As a result, I have had the chance to hunt and share campfires with about 30 folks from these boards. When you meet folks in person, it puts them in a different light. Most times for the better, sometimes for the worse.
But for the most part, I have met some really good people, and a couple of hunting buddies for life. But as with anything, there is always the opportunity to get taken advantage of when you deal with so many folks.

Last year I was putting together a group to hunt Wyoming. Guys I thought were my friends. The spring draw deadline was only a couple weeks away and the other 3 guys needed time to get their money in. I paid right at a $1000 out of my own pocket to make sure we met the deadline, with the understanding they would reimburse me. The draw odds were about 66% and I assumed we would draw so I had the tags mailed to each hunters home addy. Well, instead of the tag, we got refund checks, and to my amazement, a guy who I thought was a friend from this board cashed the $220 refund check and just decided he wasn't going to pay me back. I was shocked to say the least. I continually asked him over the last year and at first he would say "soon" he simply ignores my e-mails or phone calls. I know the world doesn't turn on $220.....but it was being taken advantage of that bent me the most. It will be going on two years soon, and I still stew over it! I was nice enough to front the money for the group, the least they could do would be to make good on their end. The real kicker is that I know this guy has made more hunts since.

Just about the time an inccident like that makes me not want to trust anyone ever again, something like this burglary happens and I get to see the good part in people from the forums again. Several folks have stepped up with offers of gear and help. I didn't need it, but the gesture helps restore good faith in a bunch of men. I just wanted to say THANKS for that! For the most part, this board is made up of a bunch of great guys and I don't think a few bad apples can change that.

As for me, I will continue to be more cautious as to who I trust from now on, but I will also continue to share campfires and continue to make friends with the many GOOD folks that help make this sport about more than just the hunting.
That is just plain stealing. There is no shortage of people like that unfortunately.

I bought a mule deer tag for a cousin several years ago (1992) that wanted to go with me to CO but couldn't afford it due to a divorce, who happened to be a pretty good taxidermist. The deal was, he would mount a deer or elk for me for free when I got a good one. When I got a pretty nice mulie in 2000, guess what. He didn't remember making that deal.
Deerslayer- Thanks for sharing! Though I haven't had the pleasure to hunt with anyone (as yet) from this board, I have from a few other sites I used to frequent in the past and can definately echo your sentiments here. Some I'd share a camp with again on a moments notice...others I'd never put myself (purposely) in the position to be hunting within a 10 mile radius of again.

One guy, again from another board, was from West Virginia and was making a swing through the west turkey hunting. I set him up on a ranch I knew of, ending up taking a couple of days off to hunt with him, and even put him up at our house for the final couple of days he was in Kalif...great guy, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Sorry to hear about the guy that has bailed on returning your deposit...that too is when you find out who your real friends are. I had a WY trip set up years ago, was gonna take a guy from work (avid deer hunter) with me on his first out of state hunt. Bailed out the day before the trip (he ate his tag/lic fees) saying he just didn't want to burn that much vacation????
I ended up having another buddy go along at the last minute (just for grins, he didn't have tags)-
We ended up having a great time and I gave him half of my venison for coming along and helping.

Good luck on your hunts this year and I hope they catch and string up the bastadges that ripped you off...two things that trip my switch are a liar and a thief :mad:
Thanks for the story DS. That is just outright fuggin wrong and stealing. Glad to see you have your chin up though. Good luck on your upcoming hunts.
As many of you know, I have been on this board since it's conception years ago and with the core group that started it on a couple of other boards even before that. As a result, I have had the chance to hunt and share campfires with about 30 folks from these boards.
YAH, And the reason people like Hunting with ya is (Besides the leopard undies ;) ) the Cooking :


I do apreciate the heads up but I don't have that fear yet because I've never been burnt. I usually send out all the orders before getting paid. Heck, I jsut sent out 10 hats to someone yesterday. Althugh usually it's just a $12 hat I've nenver been burnt.

HEY, BTW, you hunting Elk in Co this year ? I'm over there hunting Deer early on, If ya got a spot open and a tag available, I's love to hunt with ya again..... (I'd even let ya front the money ;) )
Ahh... that's a pretty sight! 'Ol DS in front of a camp stove! The man can sure cook! Whether it's fresh mule deer backstraps or a 50lb bag of crab legs... everything from his kitchen is awesome! That creamed corn in a tube is the bomb!

Some of my absolute best days spent in field and in camp have been in his company! Even if I did end up falling off my horse or not tagging out on an elk hunt (my fault, not his)! I can still hear him laughing after watching me bound down some steep hill on horseback... half scared to death, hanging on for dear life...
mmmmmmmmmm, crab legs. Those sure were good eatin. That bag didn't stand a chance in camp. No matter where I have gotten them, I don't think I have had any since then that would compare.
It brings a tear to my eye ( mostly the memory of being jabbed in the kester with an elk antler for ten miles).
Hey DS, you gonna bring the "Tony Sacherys" ?
You guys are gonna make me cry...

....sounds like we may have to put that hunt back together for ol' times sake......but I think Raybow and Moosie wants in this go 'round

.....bout a week and a half now and me and Acon and my bride to be will be hitting the New Mexico backcountry.....maybe we can make some more memories that will be worthy of a lifetime of looking back on........
Moosie...if I do make the Co hunt, it will be a late hunt. I have been going the first week in November, and I would assume that is later than your deer hunt??? I've promised Indy the "point" for ol' times sake, and I have invited Raybow, who wants to go but needs to wait and see. Ray who went last year may want to go back and he is also who I am doing the carribou hunt with next month.
That is big country and I could easily outfit us my camp pictures from last year attest to. Not many wall tents in open units sporting 4 hunters and 4 decent bulls with one gagger muley at 400#+! You know I'd always save a spot for you around the campfire, but you'd be sworn to secrecy. The only people I have shown this spot to I know would take it to the grave. The deal is they don't even go back on years when I don't go. The handshake agreement is that the only way they hunt my spot is out of my camp. That camp has run 100% on bulls thus far and it would be on you not to phuck up my stats! :rolleyes:

I have had folks in the past hunt with me one year, then come back the next year with their buddies less than a mile from my camp. I drug up and moved to another mountain and learned to be choosier about helping folks with a place to hunt. It goes without saying I trust you enough to give you the invite......just RSVP asap so I can plan accordingly. The hunt is in rugged terrain on foot, with horses doing all the meat packing. A few feet of snow can be expected and I furnish all the camp, including food and drinks, with the cost of everything including fuel ponying the horses to camp and back being split among everyone hunting. A share of the camp cost for the week usually runs about 250-350 and that includes all the fuel trailoring to and fro. Add your tag cost to that and your looking at a backcountry outfitted hunt running about $700-$800 a man and that includes the tag....not bad on a camp running 100% success rate! ;)

DISCLAIMER:......this in no way is a hunt for hire. Rather it is a backcountry hunt with cost divided between all participants! :D
Hey D.S. Would you buy my tag?? I promise I'll pay ya back!!
Sorry D.S. That joke just wasn't right.
Dear Lord, please forgive me for what I just said about the tag; and be with the starvin pigmys down in New Guinea: Amen.

Dang D.S. that is one way of weeding out yer friends. What I don't understand is how one could throw his dignity and respect away for a day or twos' worth of work at the most. Unless ya work at Denny's like I do, then that's different, cause yer gettin up into the week or two category now!!
Ya oughta keep sending him X-mas cards every year just to let him know ya aint forgot!! ;)
Man, I just plain got tired of calling and e-mailing. I even told him to pay $25 a month and in less than a year it would be paid, but I got no response. The sad thing is I do think he is a great guy and like him. Many on here know him and would say the same thing, but it does piss me off to be done that away. I would never say who it was because I want him to be able to post here without embarrassment. But I do wish he would do the right thing and make good on his agreement instead of just blowing me off going on 2 years now.

Nut, I'll have pics, even though this year they will be with a disposable!

Hey Moosie...luv that pic.....what, I cooked for about 30 folks that night?....even a few that weren't with our camp but couldn't pass up a free meal! :D

Hey Marv, those turkey hunting guys are almost always a good group. They usually are a different kinda fellow. Turkey hunting the right way takes a lot of dedication and you get few knotheads that do it seriously. And it is a good thing just to meet even a couple of good folks like that to share hunts with over the years.

This one time, I met an Outfitter/Trash-Hauling/Timber Barron......but that is another story all together :eek: ..........ok, lighten up fellas.....I was just kidding!!!!! :D

Ray, I don't mind the jokes. These forums have actually toughened my skin a little over the years;) ..and there ain't nothing wrong with working at Denny's if that is what it takes to finance a hunt! ;)

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You might remember me from the early years. I don't post too much, but glad to see ya back. The older I get, the more picky I am in terms of who I hunt with. I'm down to just a few guys! :D Anyway, I was more then sad to hear about your son and your other misfortunes. Hang in there and make the best out of your life. I've always enjoyed your posts, so have a good hunting season with your buddies, and be sure to rest up for all the wacking and stacking you'll be doing!
Oh now I am thinking of it. Mark, you do not realize how many times Vipe has told others about how she would trade me for you anytime. This is because of your cooking. You have made a good impression on many people.

I dont care what camera ya take with you. I love every pic ya post. :D ;)
Well Nut, you tell Vipe I do appreciate the comment and I enjoyed much sharing camp with the two of you!

Owl.....yes, I do remember you. I always did like your posting. I mostly know you by your screen name but if I had to say, I'd call you Bryan (or Brian) I close? ;)

The thing that stands out about you I recall is your a damn good guy that manages to avoid controversy....much like myself!
DS fortuatley it was a refund check and not a big money trip the guy burned you on. if i cant trust someone as a human i dont want to be in the woods with them and an emergency come up. kudos to you for being good enough to help all those guys to begin with. sorry to hear that you ran into a bozo
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