Jul 17, 2002
Hamilton MT
Yeah, this Yetti fudgepacker comes on here talkin big and chit, but when he gets asked to post a pic of the raghorn he shot he dissappears? hmmmm

Who is the Yetti? I dunno, but I heard some guy in idaho has a big reward out for anyone that brings in a set of Yetti nuts.
Yetti?? .. He's Ben Stiller.. I mean no he's hulk hogan.. or is he that Bobbit guy?

Acually he is BIG, and even though he likes to be a smartass on these web-sites he's a real good dude. Tough guy.. only dude I know that would walk 15 miles in the snow one way (wearing jeans) and pass up a 6-point bull elk.

I saw a picture of his elk.. it's a freaky thing, cool as hell. 7Xsomething. I think he killed it with his bare hands so it will be ineligible for the P&Y record book.
Here is the Yetti. Your right Greenhorn, he is big. hahahha

So he's put on a few lbs since being inadvertantly fixed, but he's still a good guy.
HUMmmm... LETS talk about the Montana boys...

yetti : Crap talker, little "unit"
greeny : Fetus shooter, Sheep molester
Rockydog : Bambi killer
Wolfskin : Night hunter ;)
280 : Uhh Dork, looser, antihunter, ect.
W.W. : Fat chick dater
fuggingoodhunter : Lucky kid hunter
BUZZ : Transplant


Mtmiller : the only good one of ya all

DID I leave anyone out ?!?!? GEESH :rolleyes:
Uhhhh THATS right Troy !!! there is another guy here... BUT, Since he (YOU) hides at another forum alot ;) I forgot again

GEEESH.. there is more of you then I thought :eek: :eek:
I see how it is. Lucky Kid. chit. I ought to put in for Idaho and show you how to kill a big bull. After I put on a elk hunting clinic for you Ill have to inpregnate all the hot chicks ( over 18- (Im not the Yetty)) in your county. Why dont you get all your droopy gutted truck huntin friends together and you can pool in some coin and bring me in as an inspirational speaker. I'll let you touch my arm for 2 grand. You never know what you might learn.
LOSTAGAIN.. you're like Big sky, Jsut a transplant ;) HEHE

Rocky... "Moosie, will "tea-bag" for hunt info.".. Is that some Montana GAY code for sleeping with sheep ?!?!? HAHA !!
HEY "FUGGINHUNTER", HAHA.. Good one... MAybe if I touch your arm I'll be as excited as you touching Chucks hand ;)

BTW, Nice bear ya got with your bow... I see it also almost made Pope n' Young !!!!

Almost made P@Y??? You must not have seen my last bear....

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 10-10-2002 17:12: Message edited by: Fuggingoodhnter ]</font>
18&2 ?!?! Ohhh wait, that was before ya edited it ;)

NO, honestly I never saw the prior bear either. Just like to rawl you boys up for a change instead of you guys Messing wioth others.

I'm sure NO-one knows who you are, why don't you and Yetti post some Pictures.... Or are you two playing INCOGNITO ON NET ?!?!

I saw the pic with you and Greeny in his Garage. Your elk was only a "SMIDGE" bigger ;)

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