Wyoming elk Unit 2 and 61 Redo


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Jul 19, 2011
My original post was lost in the server crash last week. As I stated before I think I have enough points to draw a unit 2 or unit 61 late tag. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated. Who offers hunts or trespass in unit 2? Or can a guy expect a reasonable hunt in 2 on a DIY. I am close enough to go and scout it ahead of time if need be.

As for 61 I would need a guide and what I have come up with. Is that Bob Sundeen is probably the best option for that unit. Or is there other good guides in 61 late? I will be hunting with a guy in his mid 60s that is just now starting to have some health issues and he is ready to burn points as this will probly be his last elk hunt that he will want to do. He is in good enough shape for a 61 late hunt on horseback but he just doesn't know how many more years he will be able to do a strenuous hunt. thanks

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Dec 27, 2000
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Given Unit 2 is back on the Huntin' Fool hit list this year, I would expect those odds to get worse in the upcoming draw.


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Jul 4, 2014
I'll see if I can recall my earlier reply. 3 of us hunted unit 2 in 2011, we drew with max points with regular tag, many years there are not enough tags for NR random draw. The unit was often considered a "blue-chip" unit by Eastman's. There were 2 large ranches that offered access. This may be different now, call up G&F and see if they can tell you the info, they were very helpful in 2011. The Powder River Ranch charged non-residents a $500 trespass fee; residents were free if they called ahead of time. The 3 of us shot nice bulls, mine was 325-ish (pic below) and the other 2 were in ~300 range (one was broken up a bit). There were a lot of bulls on the ranch, in fact the cow hunters had a harder time filling their tags. It was a fun hunt in some unique elk hunting terrain.

The other ranch (don't recall name) wanted like $5K for 1 or 2 hunters for a guided hunt the first 2 or 3 days, then they opened up access to everyone after that. Rumor had it that they often kill 350-375 type bulls during the "guided" hunt.

We stayed on the Powder River Ranch until we tagged out so I can't say how the hunt on the other ranch went. I believe there is a 3rd large ranch that did not offer access at all. The amount of public land in this unit is often greatly overstated, and most is landlocked. I seriously doubt you will be able to do any scouting ahead of time.


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