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Wyo. Buffalo Hunt


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Dec 25, 2000
Well, the wife drew a pretty good number on the bull buffalo hunt. Not a great number(49), but, she has a chance.
So, Elkhunter, we might be coming over your way. You probably should consider leaving home that week!! :D -memtb

Last year(2003) my boss drew #23 for the bull buffalo and they rarely do they call #'s much past that. We ended up getting a big bull bison, it was a great hunt and a lot of memories and meat!

Good luck and hopefully they'll call her up but it might be a long shot
We know that it's a long-shot, but we gotta hope.She's pretty lucky, and the herd is getting larger, so you never know! -memtb
memtb.............Well I went to the Post Office and checked the mail. Looks like I am right behind the Mrs. for buffalo.

Your ranking on the Resident Bull Priority Listing is 824 out of a total of 1, 452 Applicants.
Thanks to all for the well-wishes! I didn't mention mine as I'm right up there with Elkhunter, I think that I'm #462. Maybe next year!!

PS: Now I have to start a new post on her continuing good fortune!