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Worn pads?


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
I am sure you have ran across this problem with a hound wearing out pads. (soft foot)

This can put the end to a hound for a season as you know!
In the past, I would let them lay up for the healing to finish, only to find that within the first two days of a hunt they would be busted again!
What can you do???
Another question is does having a hound on cement kennels have much to do with this, or in a wet ground pen??

I have always tried to keep hounds off cement and on dry ground, but I have heard pro's and cons on both!
Is a cement pen hard on a hound or better than ground that may get damp??
The problem with cement is mainly that it will eventually give a dog "flat feet." They will lose a lot of the arch in their toes, which in turn causes them to be less sure-footed and prone to "foot fatigue" or limping. Cement also tends to give them the old "dry elbow" patches.
I used to use a coarse gravel or even pea gravel in my dog runs...that's when firm stools become important! :D But my dogs were really only in the kennels when no one was around...otherwise, they were loose in the yard or house.
As far as the tender pads, I used to use Tuff Foot, or Tuff Skin or whatever it is called. Used over a course of time, it toughens the dogs pads up and then you only have to use it when you firt start running the dog again after a lay-off.
An old timer once told me, if you run em off, ya run em on. I run the dogs to get them in shape for bear hunting. Once ran the pads off of a dog in less than a quarter mile on blacktop (beginners mistake), kept running him and pretty soon his feet were tough as nails. It really didn't seem to bother him either. He would limp a little a first but after a hundred yards you wouldn't have known.

It sounds really mean, but it doesn't seem to bother the dog. They would be up ready to run every time I go to leash them up.