Who will be the first to score?

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
Maybe we should start a pool...naw, that might turn out to be dangerous as everyone rushes to win. (Besides, we don't want to count roadkill for those driving to Texas.) I think Moosie may be the first to draw blood. He was pretty anxious last time, and could barely wait until he was inside the gates! :eek: If he could have gotten away with it, I think he would have shot the camels we saw between Barksdale and the ranch...

Whoever scores first may be called "Quick Draw" hereafter. :rolleyes:
CALI...... It's all about filming this time. I really could care less to wack another critter... Although It will be a good test to see if my bows still on, I need to wipe some dust of of it......

I guarentee that the closest/first RAM to be shot won't be the Biggest by far. I learned that with that Texas dahl
I hear ya. I'm not that much into bagging another ram, as last year's looks pretty good. Maybe if it was a full-curl Texas Dall, I might be tempted. Or an aodad, of course.

I'm mainly interested in meeting the people, BS'ing and partying. Ol'Bob, Jason Lee, Indy Jay and Deerslayer have been people I've wanted to meet for like 2 years now. Plus there's Del, Kraven, Shakey, Nut, and everyone else. The friendships have always meant more to me than the hunt. I'd rather help a buddy bag something than shoot it myself.
good luck and have fun guys!....

my guess on who's gonna score first?hmmmmmm?

i would have to guess......"who ever is sharing a room with moosie("i think he might be a pipe smoker")...if ya know what i mean."

but who knows,it might be the poor bastard thats sharing a room with that guy from kalifornia.....hell,they are all "pipe smokers" out there.

now wouldnt it be funny if those two were sharing a room......but what are the chances of that happening......it would have to been set-up by those two.......i can hear the rest of the crue now,"where's moosie and cali?...are they still back at the hotel bumping ugly's!?".......

cali,if this post is too obnoxcious,feel free to edit it ;)...You know i cant controll myself!

nut,i dont think it matters if you bring your wife.....just make sure you got you dress.....you'll score ;)

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You boys scare me! hahahaha
You can bet it won't be me to score first (on a critter). The race is all about "the biggest" to me, not "the first". I don't care if I kill the first five mimutes or the last, as long as he's big enough.
Since Jason let the cat out of the bag, the reason I couldn't go on the sheep hunt was , well, they could be my descendants.

Word of advice sombody buy Nut a razor, his legs are way too hairy for as short as this new dress is.

Have fun guys, I'll be missing you (NOT).

Just think how many admins will be left here...hehehehehe PARTAY!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!