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who is the best

i am the greatest deer hunter of all times!
if i hadn't said it first, someone else would. welcome to hunt talk.
Silly question! The best are from Vermont.

"Your best whitetail hunters come from Vermont," Lanny said Saturday as he took a break from the crowds at the show. "That's not just because I live in this state. If you go to New Hampshire and there's a lot of Vermont hunters kicking around there, or if you go to Maine and you look at the deer that are reported in, you'll find a majority of the big bucks shot are by Vermonters."

Ithaca, The question was the best hunters or guides for deer not trophy hunter or horn guides for deer.

I think the answer would be the person that spends little time afield and kills lots of deer. Which would be a meat hunter.
How about the guy who spends lots of time afield, and succeeds in finding THE deer he's looking for? Folks like Ted Riggs. I would have given a lot to have hunted with him.

I've killed stacks of deer but only a few would qualify as genuine wall hangers. Like my Dad always said, "The real trophy is on the dinner plate". To me at least, there is no shame in shooting big does for their great tasting venison.

But please don't mis-understand me. I have no quarrel with trophy hunters. As long as the game laws are obeyed ethically, I am friendly toward ALL hunters.

I can find deer because I comprehend their habits and movements. Some knowledge has been learned from books but mostly schooled by spending time in the foothills with older hunters who shared their wisdom with me.
smile.gif a hunter who can shoot three or four does over a legal baitstation is a better hunter then a hunter that consistantly kills a big deer every year in areas where deer densities are low.

I think Dan's opinion is closer to what I would consider a great hunter.

I am certainly not a great hunter, but I sure enjoy myself spending as many days in the field chasing the best deer I can find.
Meathead, "The question was the best hunters or guides for deer not trophy hunter or horn guides for deer."

I guess I misunderstood. I think the Benoits would be best at hunting any kind of deer---big, small, buck or doe. But if you want some guides to find you some big trophy bucks, they could do that too. Their success is incredible. Try reading some books and articles about them or buy the videos. Many times they get on a big buck track and have the deer in a couple of hours.
Mmmm maybe we will invite them over here; With max 30 yds visibility, crawling thru bush, supplejack and lawer vines where the deer get hunted everyday and not just 4 weeks a year where you gotta compete with Choppers, meat hunters and poison drops see how good they are then.
I'm just pokin fun I would expect that there's not a answer.

The answer would be in the eye of the beholder of the question.

But I don't have a clue.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by danr55:
How about the guy who spends lots of time afield, and succeeds in finding THE deer he's looking for? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I think that pretty much sums it up. One needs to spend time in the field to find them. The more time spent learning them the better the odds are that the individual will score on what he is after. Luck certainly plays a part, but plays a lesser part for one who spends the time verses one who doesn't.
Kiwi....dont think for a minute these Benoits arent the real deal.They hunt Huge bucks on snow in Maine,Vermont,New Hampshire,and Ontario.Pressured big whitetail bucks around here live in jack-fir thickets and cedar swamps,and these folks successfully hunt them year after year after year.
Slackers they aint.
maineac, I can remember 25 years ago when the Benoits first started hunting in Maine and the locals swore they were poaching those big bucks. The game wardens were practically camping next to the Benoits trying to catch them. There are still locals who claim it's impossible to get big bucks like that every year legally. Funny thing is---if there was a way to poach bucks like that during the deer season the locals would be doing it too, but none of them ever could figure out how to do it!
Bucks like that don't stand around close by roads and look into spotlights!
Mornin Ithaca....from what I've heard,they dont hunt Maine or N.H. much anymore because of the hordes of people that follow them thru the woods.I remember hearin of their successes over around the Rangely/Greenville area when I was a kid.Do you recall a story in Outdoor Life about Larry shootin a monster buck way back in the swamps and leavin it till the next mornin only to wake up to 3 ft of new snow?I believe it was O.L. anyway.Identifyin and trackin big bucks in snow is easy......gettin em to stand or present a shot is the hard part.
I have that story in a couple of my Benoit books. I also think I've seen it on the Internet. It might be possible to find it with an internet search. I know they've been hunting Canada, but it's hard to believe they quit Maine. I know sometimes they wish they had never let anything be known about their methods. Many of us got a lot better at tracking after reading about them and being inspired by them.
Been thinkin bout when I was young Ithaca.Me an the Old Man used to cut fresh tracks and flip to see who took it.The loser had to wait 20 minutes and follow.Once a deer was jumped it seemed that the guy in the rear had the best chance at a shot.I shot 2 nice bucks in my teens this way,caught em circlin,standin in the old man's trackslookin the way he had gone,20 minutes in front of me.We stopped flippin after that,he figured I oughta take the track cause I was younger.
If I werent so dam illiterate,I'd write a book too.