WHITETAIL or Muledeer.....


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Dec 9, 2000
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This year I was gonig to hunt Whitetail in KY with DKO, but my season/draws are surpassing my hunting alotment (I.E> the wife put a limit on it ;)).

I never hunted Whitetails (Still comeday I will) but like to hunt Mulies, Every year I like hunting them more... this year I'm gonig to do some "HIGH COUNTRY" hunting in some newer areas (TO ME). I just like how they act and the areas tht they are in...

ANYWAYS... Which do you like hunting better and WHY ?!?!?!
I am lucky enough to have both species where I hunt. For this reason preseason scouting dictates which bucks I will be chasing.

I guess if I was forced to pick only one, I would have to vote for mule deer.
I am just the opposite of you I have never hunted mulies. This year I put in for the early season back country muledeer hunt so I hope I get lucky.
I've never hunted whitetails so I don't know if its better than mule deer. I think mule deer is the most challenging and it is fun to hunt them up in the high country.
I have never hunted Whitetails before but would like to someday.I enjoy hunting the Mule deer alot,and love the country they live in aswell.I do also hunt the Blacktail deer in Western Washington and they are also starting to inhabit the Eastside of the state.They are breeding with the Mule deer now so a new category for B&C has been made for these new deer.They act very similar to the Mule deer that I love to hunt.
I've hunted mulies and tagged along on coues hunts. Coues are definately harder to hunt. I've also hunted sitka black-tails and that wasn't too hard. The terrain was rough but to actually "hunt" them wasn't too bad. Never hunted eastern white-tails. But in 2003 me and some of my cousins are going to have a "reunion" hunt in Eastern Illinois. It's a bow hunt on some farm that supposedly has HUGE bucks...I don't know, they're making all the arrangements...but it will be fun!
Dont worry Oscar another year of management will only make it better for when ya do get to come hunt! :D ill send ya some pics bud! id give up this hunt to for your pocket full of tags ;)

growing up around whitetails my whole life and only having hunted mule deer a few times for me id say mule deer because im still learning about them and how to hunt them! early season high country bucks are damned hard to get to as well as hunt! so for me its mulies!

whitetails seem alot more skittish to me than mule deer!

BTW, P-Dub get ready for the hunt of your life illinois has some of the very best whitetail hunting in the midwest! what time of year are you going ??? if could hit the peak of the rut you would be one happy hunter! early nov. !!!!on private ground :D:D
good luck and keep us posted!
I have killed over a hundred whitetails, and it's pretty boring to me unless I get access to some exclusive turf. The best way to hunt them is in a stand over bait, and I just don't get much kick out of sitting in a box watching a pile of corn.

I have killed about a dozen muley's and I much prefer to hunt them. Typically I cover a lot of country and do a lot of glassing. The scenery is always changing and you never know what is up around the next bend.
Moosie.....I like to hunt them both with equal intensity. Ithaca hit the nail on the head as far as taste is concerned as to whitetail tasting better.....but at times I like the sagebrush taste of a high plains mulie. My favorite deer hunting area is northwestern Montana where the mulies and the whitetail mingle together with the elk, bears, and lion.....You can hunt them all at the same time and have a fantastic hunt. The whitetail there are monsters. Another favorite deer hunting haunt where you can hunt both species at the same time is northeastern Wyoming, but there they are not as equal in numbers. The whitetail far outnumber the mulies, but you have to hunt harder for the mulies there than other places. ;)

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Dale, Hunting them that way would get boring, I agree. Try it our way, still hunting them or tracking them. Tracking is my favorite way, whether it's with snow, frost, or bare ground. There's nothing like about four inches of fresh snow and more falling lightly to make for a great hunt. Pick out a big old buck track and see if you can outsmart him. That's the biggest challenge in North American hunting, IMO.
DKO- We're either going to do the October hunt, before the big bucks get disturbed, or the Nov rut. I'm letting my cousin make the call. It's on private land and according to what my cousin said, 130-150 BC bucks are pretty much the norm. Archery success is about 40% on harvest, but closer to 85% for shot opportunities. I hope my being a southwest archer may give me an advantage cause I shoot futher then 25 yards! ;)

Delw- I hunted Sitkas on Kodiak last Nov/Dec. It was cold, steep and rough, but lots of deer. No monsters thou...I think the 4 weeks prior of hunting pushed the big bucks futher in...and since we had a limited amount of day light (6-7 hours) hunting time was limited. You could basically knock off 2-3 hours just for hiking in and out to hunt. That left us with 3-4 hours of HUNTING time...next time I got back, I'll go earlier, hunt longer and go in futher...and beware the bears...they are spooky! :eek:
Delw,just a little tidbit on blacktails.Sitkas are mainly found north of canadian border.Columbian are another sub species found south of canadian border to california,and a bit larger animal.both are supposedly a sub species of whitetail deer that was almost hunted to extinction west of cascades.we dont get to hunt whitetail cause their still listed as an endangered species in western oregon.They sure are some big ones though,mighty tempting sometimes. :rolleyes:
I have killed truck loads, and i mean TRUCKLOADS of whitetails. AN di have got a few very nice muleys under my belt. BUT!There is nothing. I MEAN NOTHING to me like chasing a huge muley. Watching him all summer and tagging him in the fall. I liek watching muleys on the winter range as much as i do whitetail hunting. Whitetails are ok. I mean i was stuck in AL for a few years and thats all they had so i had to settle for it.
AL DEER SEASON : from oct. 1 to jan. 31 you can kill 2 deer per day. A doe and a buck. So figure the math. People usually average 2-3 bucks a year. I average about 9 bucks a year with my bow only. And about 3 with a gun.

Later, MM
Will trade 100% grade A whitetail deer hunting on private lease in Indiana for mule deer hunt.

THis is the first year that I have aggresivly looked for great places to deer hunt at....after hunting them for almost 20 years I was burned out....this year I am going after a monster....anyone want to trade deer hunts...let me know...except jb....Im not trading with oyu:D just kidding
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