Which is bigger Kodiak (Grizzly) or Polar bear

35, welcome to Hunttalk. Good question. I think the polar bear is bigger.

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Thanks for the reply.I guessed the Kodiak bear as being bigger.Looks like I need to check in here more often and get educated. BTW,how long you gotta be here before they take the be nice sticker off of your handle
I saw this question on a trivia persuit type game and I thought the answer was polar bear, but the correct answer was kodiak. Good question, what is the difference between KODIAK, GRIZZLY,and BROWN BEAR??????????
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Geneticly there is no diference between Grizly and Brown.


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The diff. between Kodiak & brown is that the Kodiak is on the Kodiak island. Browns are a coastal bear they get much bigger than the grizzly. witch are inland bears.

Well, I'm not sure about the genetic thing, but they grow to different sizes based on where they live, plus their genes. A transplanted grizzly, raised in Coastal Alaska is not going to grow as big as a normal Brown bear. So it does have something to do with their gene pool. Trophy Kodiaks are typically larger than trophy Brown bears, but not by much. Again, that's due to their gene pool being isolated from the rest of Alaska.

Grizzly's are smaller, because evolution has adapted them to the different diet they eat, that's genes, right?

Polar bear may be taller, but the weight may go to the Kodiaks. Plus, when asking, "what's the biggest omnivour on land" you have to remember the Polar bear is sometimes considered a marine mammal.

Could be wrong though, I slept through most of biology!

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Well this is a very good question so I looked up the world record for each species. The Grizzly scored 27 2/16"....the Polar scored 29 15/16"...and the Brown bear scored in at 30 12/16" so it is clear that the Brown Bear is the largest of these.
The way I understand it.....Polar Bears are far and away the biggest bear. As far as Griz, there is no genetic difference. However for trophy classifications Brownies are griz killed within 150 miles of the coast. These bears get huge due to thier high protien diet of fish. Another name for Brownies is "Kodiak" they got this additional name based on the HUGE Brownies that call Kodiak Island home (all bears on Kodiak are Brownies). The interior griz are those that live in....the interior, greater than 150 miles inland from the coast. They are generally smaller, more along the lines of what we have in the lower 48. It seems Brownies can wiegh well over 1000 pounds, while a big interior would be 600+.

Hope this info helps

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Thanks to the wonders of DNA testing, and chromosome evaluation, it has been proven that the coastal brown and the interior grizzly are indeed the same species. Diet, amount of calories burned to capture meals, longer hibernation periods, etc. are all factors in why grizzlies are smaller than brownies.

I would also guess that evolution has played a part. Since coastal bears are concentrated in smaller areas, the larger, stronger ones would be more successful in fighting for breeding rights, and also for laying claim to the best forage areas.

In mountainous areas, smaller bears would have the advantage, due to fewer calories required for sustanance, the ability to cover more area in search of food, and greater efficiency in retaining body heat.

As for "biggest", polar bears or brownies, the largest measured brown bear is larger than the largest measured polar bear, but I believe that on average, polar bears are larger than brown bears.

It is also interesting to note that most bears are never weighed, and their weights are generally greatly exaggerated. Bear researchers over the last twenty years have proven to be thorns in outfitters' sides when it comes time to estimate a bear's weight for a client. According to a friend of mine who works for the Canadian government, and studies bears, the average adult male Canadian grizzly weighs in at around 450 lbs. Those over 550 lbs are EXTREMELY rare, but hunters and guides routinely report killing 600+ lbs grizzlies.

Whatever their actual weights, these are truly magnificent, awe inspiring animals. Any grizzly, to me, is a big one.
I picked up this info from an alaskan outfitters web site>>>>> According to Boone and Crockett the 62nd parallel line is the demarcation between grizzly and brown bear. North is Grizzly, South is Brown. So I guess in alaska according to B&C the only difference between the two bears is geographic location. Just thought I would share this info. CUBAN
Hey all, the Kodiak (brown) bear is the larger of the two. But then, what difference does it make - they are both huge and very dangerous
) The polar bear is the only bear that will actually hunt for people as a food source, though. Therefore, I would much rather see a brown bear than a white bear who is licking his lips!
I will see about getting some pictures in the future of bears for you all to gander at, might educate us all a piece. Say anybody got an idea how much one of those Polar Bears can cost Ya in hunting fees?
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My Cousin is up at the north pole right now hunting Polar Bears! He said a big one is between 9' & 11'. I hope he gets one this trip, he went last year and only saw females with cubs. This will be his last chance !
The worlds largest Polar bear was shot by some kid eskamo with a bow. I do not remeber the size of it. If you are traveleiing through NV on I 80 stop in Elko. In a resraunt / casino called The Champian. One big bear.