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Sep 17, 2002
West Haven, Utah
My boy will be eight this coming march and I would really like to find a hunt for him. He has been chasing with me since he was 3 years old. I have harvested in that time but he is never with when I make the kill. I am afraid that chasing the monster mulies day and night has got him burned out and he will loose interest. I had a couple of opportunities during the regular season to harvest a buck when he was with me but I just could not let the string go on the little buggers. Does anyone have information where I could get him hunting next year. It would not matter the type of game. I was thinking that there would have to be a hunt for whitetail or turkey, it seems that is all there is on the hunting channel.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.

he can hunt in AZ if he has a hunters safety course. they have a jr doe hunt in the kaibab that is pretty easy for kids to get drawn....

its also close to utah....

call AZ game and fish or send them an email....

here is there website
most states have a youth only hunt where a parent has to go with them but only the child can shoot.i have seen everything from dove to deer so you will just have to check with your local fish and game.these hunts are often on public laand but sometimes on private land open only to the kids.
Hey Del, I think the legal age in AZ is 10, but your right about that Kaibab hunt.

Arizona has youth hunts for most game species including deer, elk, javalina,and turkey.

I was under the understanding that they will let kids that are mature enough to take it at a younger age.. I didnt know we had a year limit..

but that sounds right the 10 year thing

Thanks for the responses. Sounds like I will check in on AZ, I did some searching on the web and found some private hunts but the bucks kill me. Hopefully something will work out.

Idaho has Youth hunts.. but I think he age is 12 ?!?!?!? MY boys are still a bit young so I'm not sure.....

THE Hunt Del pointed out is GOOD !!!! Try that one, the price is Right too !!! Good luck in the endevour and Kudos to taking your kid out !!!

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