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whats your favorite week to elk hunt?


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Aug 22, 2002
What is your opinion the best week for getting the rut? in what state and elevation?
Any week, any state and any elevation...As long as your hunting elk it really doesn't matter...LOL... :D
Well, elk hunting anytime anywhere there are elk may be good, but there are definitely better times than others.

My favorite about the week Greenhorn invites me to his honey hole, state Montana, elevation, whatever Greeny decides on!

Oh how I would love to get into Greenhorns Honey Hole :D :eek: :D
Opening week is like a tradition for me. I have gone for elk every opening day and opening week since 1990. Now I take off 3 weeeks just to enjoy hunting them critters in the state of Wyoming at 7500-9500 feet.
DID HORN SEEKER say he wanted to get in his Honey's hole ?!?!? MAN, I've seen Greeny's wife and I thought the same thing.. BUT to post that opn a forum ... WOW ;)

RUT... OVERRATED !!!! I think people say they miss the rut and didn't get an Elk because of it are Whiners
BUT hey, THATS my politically incorect side.

I like the last week of the Season. Nov 1-7th.. ALLTHOUGH thats my wifes B-day week..... NOt that I've ever missed her b-day to go hunting (LIKE the last 2 years in a row straight
My favorite time to hunt elk is anytime I can hunt..... I only been drawn once here in AZ