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Whats up in washington

Wolfer, they are letting us put in for cougar permits in some of the areas that have the major cougar problems. So basically we have to get drawn to hunt cougars with hounds.

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A buddy of mine in washington state has had several of the permit winners take lions this winter over his hounds.It sure is scarey reading those articles from the anti hunters though.
Can anyone think of any anti-hound laws anywhere that have been overturned or amended.I know the State Of N.Y. totalley outlawed running bears with hounds several years ago.The houndsmen fought back and now have a training season on bears.Still no kill season but definately a step in the right direction.Any others ?????
Look at your own Bobcat season in NH George
Its been over 10 years?? and they was only closing it for a few to study them.Whats up with that????

We having fun yet//Tobey
Thats a pretty lengthy study huh....theres wildlife study areas here that eventually are going to become permanent I imagine, They must think that purty soon you will forget or something.
Tobey, we will never have another bobcat season in N.H. Thats a sad fact.There was a big article in last Sundays local paper that detailed the plight of the bobcat in N.H. They said the very exsistance of the bobcat in N.H. is about doomed. I am going to look for the article now and see if I can figure out how to put it in this board somewhere.
The head biologist in N.H. said the only thing that could save the cat here would be for homes to be torn down and the areas to be grown ovwr again.It is the same reason the rabbit population has dwindled to near nothing here.A huge forest fire would have the same saving effect but nowadays around here that is almost an impossibility.
Thankfully in Maine you still have vast areas being clear cut that come back with perfect small game habitat.The only upside to the change in N.H. 's landscape has been the excellent growth of the bear population due to the large number of mature woods.These were the areas that 40 years ago held the cats and rabbits.Boy, How things have changed,huh?
Hornseeker, I know a guy that lives in Inchellum,near Spokane.He lives on a reservation there. His name is Ron Warren. I have bought 2 real nice bear hounds off him in the last 2 years. He treated me real well on both of them. He says they have a ton of game out there. He guides deer and turkey hunters on land that he leases outside the reservation there. I hooked up another guy here in N.H. with him last year .He bought a bear dog from him too.Says it is the best rig dog he has ever seen. He paid good money for it but says it was well worth it.
He had some friends that drew the lion permits and used he his hounds to get their lions.
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