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May 29, 2001
Time for some braggin. Tell us what your favorite varmint rig is. Make,model,glass,bipod, favorite loads.

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OK Swift, here goes.

I have two favorites. The first is a pre-'64 model 70 winchester in .243 topped with a Leupold 3-9 Vari-XII. Favorite load is 47 gr IMR 4350 behind a 70 gr Ballistic Tip. I use this for long range Arizona coyotes.

The other one is my predator calling rifle most of the time. It's a Ruger M77 MKII in .223 topped with a 3.5-10X50 Leupold. I use 26 gr AA2230 behind a 50 gr Ballistic Tip.
Niether has a bi-pod, I prefer a set of stoney point shooting sticks. ;)
Favorite Varmint rig is a Custom Sako with a Van Horn 26 inch fluted barrel and a McMillan stock. It's topped with a Nikon 6.5-20X50 target scope and chambered for a 22 wildcat called a 22 Durham Jet. It's very similar to the 22CHeetah. I shoot mostly 55 grain ballistic tips and have backed the load off to about 3900 fps to improve accuracy. It works great for me.... :cool:
long range to short range.

all ruger #1's 243 36x leupold then one with a 24x tasco, then one with a 12x leupold. also have one old m77 varmit 243 heavy barrel with a 12x leupold. all have harrison bipods. shoot either berger bullets or balistic tips.
short range ar-15 10" barrel 6" brake colapsible stk. or a 20" heavy barrel ar-15

for fun its a savage 243 pistol 2x tasco glass tapered dot scope.

favorite call: critter call the squeeker one.

You guys can all laugh at me now... a box-stock (okay, I adjusted the trigger) Savage 110 called a "4 x 4" in .223. Heavy, 20-inch barrel, synthetic stock, Caldwell bipod and a Tasco 6-24X AO mil-dot varmint scope. But it shoots a bunch of different bullet weights from 40 gr to 70 gr into little, half-inch groups....
I would never laugh at a guy that owns a savage. #1 they are the best shooting most accurate guns out of the box there is.

Thanks, Delw - with all these custom and semi-custom guns mentioned, I feel a little like the kid from the wrong side of the tracks! ;) Since it's a rifle with synthetic stock, matte finish, etc...the appearance doesn't matter much to me. I like the way it shoots and the short barrel helps in that regard, I think, as well as keeping it handy for getting in and out of a truck or ATV. Two of my friends have gone out and bought Savage Tactical rifles after shooting mine. The "4x4" version with the short barrel I have was apparently a small run over a police department's special order.
Never told ya. Ruger M77VT MKII in .220 Swift, 26" barrel with Caldwell bipod and Swift 6x18 FCH reticle scope fully stock out of the box holds 1" groups at 200yds if I do my part. Loves Hornady 50gr Vmax factory loads. Sounds like everyone has some nice iron. Just keep killin varmints!!! Happy huntin.

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Just 3 that I'd call varmint rigs.
Favorite, 220swift built on a Mauser 98 action, Shilen varmint weight stainless barrel, with 6-24 Redfield on it. Use Win or Norma brass, 42grains of ww760 & 50gr NBT bullets.
Second, Rem 700 243 with contour 4 shilen selct match stainless barrel, use 70gr NBT or BlitzKings, over 47.5 gr of ww760 or 39gr of Varget, or 41.4gr of 4064.
Third Rem 223 with 28gr of ww748 or 26.5gr of H335 under 50gr NBT or Blitzkings. WD
Hey guys for what its worth the pro Kangaroo shooters here in OZ use the good old .22.250 and those guys know what they are talking about with 2.5-3million roo`s shot every year in Australia,yes you read it right 2.5-3 million every year.When you want to talk all round pro shooting you have to listen to these guys-me i like the swift.I posted a photo for Moosie showing 97 roo`s on board the 4wd after a night`s shooting.

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Sambar,that a cool picture.
So you get to shoot them like we do our coyotes?
Are they any good for anything ?Do you take the hide's,can you eat them ?
If you have any more pictures please post them.
That looks like fun.
MD4me well they are used for human consumption and also the petfood industry,hides are great for leather.Adidas makes sport shoes out of the leather its the lightest strongest leather out.It is illegal to shoot roo`s without a pro licence now you know a good old boy like me obeys the rules so i really cant comment on the matter not on this open forum.All i can say is that i suspect that they could be fun lol.Now have a look at this one 30 yards from a 7mm what do you reckon mulie did he go down?
That is a great picture, sure could of made nice shoes out of that ;) ;)
That would be a tough one,how hard is it to get a pro. lic.?
What they pay these guys to shoot them when they could make money from hunting lic.
Thoses anti- hunter,anti-gun freaks have there heads so far up there butts.
Do you have any Dingo picture's?
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