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Aug 22, 2002
O.k. moosie did it in elk so i will start one for what happened tonight. Its the peak of the rut here in brew town, and i stayed home to hunt around the house this weekend because there are some killer bucks in the burbs. I get to a spot i have been hunting for 12 years to find a 18 yr old kid hung a stand in a tree that i usually climb up and usually sit there and have been for many years, and no response, he just looks at me like i am an idiot. So i tell him i will go down the fencline a ways and stay there tonight. I go and get setup and knock up my arrow and look at my watch and its 3pm. 3:30 i hear this kid sawing limbs out of the tree. I think what the F###! o.k, its still a little while before prime time.
At 4:00 i hear cracking braches and see the kid running through the woods and skirts the edge of the cornfield i am sitting along . I wonder what the f### now? then i see 6 doe step out into the field. This dumbass saw the deer pass out of bow range from his stand and gets down to try to stalk them in the field fully aware i am out there. Of course the deer bust him right away and bolt.
I get down out of the tree and walk over to him and ask him what the F##k are you doing? you have not hunted very long have you? He said yea i have, and i ask him do you really think you can stalk 6 deer in a field when its dry and crunchy out? Then i go on about why you let the does alone because the buck is bound to show up this time of year. This punk just glares at me and i grab my gear and just leave.
What would you have done?
PLayed the deliverence on a tape player for him and yelled Who's your Daddy at the top of my lungs
Maybe you can ask him when he's coming back and set up where the deer ran to next time?
(I'd probably leave too, afraid if I talked to him, I'd want to hurt him.)

That's why most Texans I know hate public hunting (and kick people off of the private leases for not staying in their area) and why some of the public hunters here look for the place on the map farthest from any road and walk there to hunt. That's my take on it.
I've had this type of situation in Washington when I hunted there after they started mixing the muzzle loader guy's into archery season. The only thing one can do is to shake ones head and wander off to another spot...
I find these type of guys all the time where I hunt. Usually they only last one season in them spots. If the kid makes that much noise he will keep the bucks away and out and will never see a buck. He will get frustrated and not come back.

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