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2. Here is another what would you do...

What would you do if you Hiked (Or rode horses) 12 miles back into a hunting camp. It's one day before the Season, you've been there 2 days glassing elk and living life and you spot some more elk the night before the season opens. The herd is milling around a field working it's way up a draw. You see some movement over below them and realise it's a Hunter. The hunter has a gun and is Stalking the Elk. As he get's close he drops the Hammer on a Elk. Remember, you're 12 miles in, you're hunting with your 2 boys, the guy drops an elk (SPIKE) and you saw it all...

What would you do ? (I’ll tell you later what a friend of mine did and how it turned out !!)
Eeeewwww...not as open ended as the last "What would you do". Pretty straight forward, a guy shoots an elk the day before opening season.

I would get on my new (used) sattelite phone and taddle-tale to the authorities. Breaking the Law-Breaking the Law!!!
I would try to contact G&F [cell phone] or tell them later, or maybee the next day go over to "check" out his kill and make a note of the name/tag number.
Meet up with the guy, shake his hand and ask if you can take his picture.

Document all the information you can get and report the violation when you get out of the mountains.

Only other options I can think of are to do nothing or ride/hike out and find LE.

The hike would be too much for me, but I won't sit back and do nothing.
I had a similar thing happen here in AZ. It's been 15 years or so. Weren't in the middle of nowhere though. We had a late season WT tail tag near Payson AZ. We were glassing for deer, when we glassed up some Mule Deer. There was no mule deer season going on at the time. The heard had a spike in it. We hear a shot and the buck goes down. My buddy and I are both "he killed the Mule Deer". We decide to go over and talk to the guy. He was from San Luis, Az. We told him nice deer, introduced our selves with fictious names. He said he had been hunting closer to Payson, than where he was at now and that it had been too thick and all he was seeing there was the WT's flagging their tails and they would be gone before he could see horns or not. When he said "flagging" I was about 95% sure he knew the difference between Mule Deer and WT's and had just decided to cap a buck reguardless of species. He gave us his first name we talked for a while and asked him how far he had to go to camp and were it was. He told us and we headed that way and got the license plate numbers off his truck. We called Game & Fish in Payson and I got a call from an officer when I got back from the hunt, asking if I would testify if they needed me too. As it turns out the guy knew he was busted when we came up on him. When G & F confronted him with what they knew, he admitted it. He ended up leaving the deer out were he killed it. G & F charged him with taking a mule deer in a closed season and wanton waste of game meat. It also turned out the guy was also involved in drug trafficing too, with a bunch of folks down in San Luis, I guess this came up when G & F opened their in vestigation and where talking to the locate authorities, in San Luis. I hate to admit this but we also got a $250 reward for it too. There were 3 of us so we each got $83 bucks. Went along way in paying for the trip. So I guess you know what I would do. I would wait until the next day to go chat with him though. Good Luck, JLG.

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Alot depends on the age of the two boys. If they were old enough to be on their own for the day, I would ride out and contact the game dept,also you might see his vehicle and get the Lic # You would miss the opening day but being back as far as you are, I would think you would still have alot of good hunting. Wheather 1 day or 100 days before the season, this fellow was a poacher
Well if the boys were old enough to stay by themselves i would leave them there to hunt in the morning and ride out to contact F&G. If they were to young to be left alone i would take them with me.
It depends.... Was it a Trophy Spike or a regular spike?

I am with MT on this one. Take the pictures, document the evidence.

It is a tough one, where doing the right thing (going and getting an officer) then might affect your own hunt.
I'd be too pissed to hunt anyway...ride/hike out after documenting everything preferably with a camera, get plate numbers, and turn them in.
I would leave the kids at camp, walk down to the guy grab his rifle, make him take his wallet out and keep that, Depending on what a prick he was I would probally keep him tied up at camp until my hunt was over. Id be hell if I am going to waste my hunt, but I would take his wallet and everything else he had. cc cards everthing,including elk tag.
then when I was done with my hunt I would drive to the local law enforcement and give them all the stuff and info.

I would also at gun point if neccasarry make him clean and quarter the elk and pack it out(remember he doesnt have his elk tag or wallet or gun so he cant get away with it)

Luckily, I either watch the Discovery Channel or the Outdoor Channel. If I had witnessed this event I would try to strike up a conversation (smooth huh), find out where he was camped after I told him what a great shot he was. After getting enough info from him or swinging by his camp the next morning to get info on who, what and where, I would procure a sample of said dead Elk for DNA sampling at his trial later that year!
"also at gun point if neccasarry make him clean and quarter the elk and pack it out(remember he doesnt have his elk tag or wallet or gun so he cant get away with it)"

delw sooooo you have him at gun point, he tells you to go to hell he isn`t going to gut it,,what are you going to do shoot him?
Take photos and notes, move camp (far away)and contuine my hunt.
Report it when I get back out.
Sorry, but TWELVE MILES BACK, I ain't going to ruin my hunt to get out that day. And this guy IS an armed criminal, so I'm not leaving my boys, or confronting him.
Naw just shoot his horse, or bitch slap him.

Even worse yet threaten to call the girlscout counsil on him

at gun point i would take his rifle, all his clothes, his wallet tell him he can get them at the local police station, unless i liked them, he he. oh, i forgot to mention the naked chicken dance i would make him do around the dead elk, give my boys a chuckle.
Hey Moosie, maybe ya better finish this story off before someone gets sodomized with their on rifle barrel.
The distance in is the real clincher here. I would not want to give up my hunt for this, although I would want something to be done about it. I think I would try and get as much information as possible for the authorities once I did get out. A conbination of what mtmiller and DRAFTSTUD suggested would likely work I would think.

Now how about the Rest of the Story Mr. Oscar Harvey.
I'll give it one more day... This is better then me posting crap

I'll have another one for you tomorrow too

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> gets sodomized with their on rifle barrel <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Fuggin CLASSIC !!!!

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