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What would it take?


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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
What would it take to get you to quit your day job and hunt coyotes for a living. Maybe $100 bounty on them or what?
20-40 bucks a yote.. more would be nice, but for that kinda money I wouldnthave a problem with it..

We use to get 50 to 80 bucks a coyote back in 79, bobcats were going for 200 to 300+. I would have quit work for that kind of money back then, but I was married. Didn't matter, I went hunting to much, she divorced me anyways lol. When I learn how to post a picture, I'll show you all several thousands of dollers worth of pelts we sold that year. I'd rather be rich then married anyways lol.
send that pic to me if you need it hosted Danny.

but if you have it hosted type in


dont have any spaces between the and the other one
$500 bounty.

Cheyenne Silver to carry my gun.

Sandra Bullock to carry the coyotes.

Gina Lee Nolin to drive.

And Daisy Fuentes to clean my guns.

Rosie O'Donnell can wash my truck.

Now, for TUESDAY...

Ali Landry can carry...
That just shows you how old I am, who are those people you just named? Delw, I well try to e-mail the pic to you later today ok? I never did take to many pictures, I only have a few. Most are from the old tail days when we got so many animals we had to have a proff of kill, we could not fit them all in the truck lol.
I thought the pelt picture was going to the(What would it take) thread, Oh well. That was a 1979 picture of more then $5,000 dollers worth of pelts sold in Rocks Springs Wyoming, it was a good year for predator hunters and trappers. The other picture was a compitition club hunt from the old tail days years back. Then someone ( who knows me ) posted another Tail days picture just to let me know I didn't out-do him lol. Aww the good old days.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I thought the pelt picture was going to the(What would it take) thread<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Isnt it in the What would it take thread now?
I think your seeing things.... LOL
Mule, if your talking about the other picture someone else sent in, I can't answer that because I was not there. I can say this much, I know who it was and where they were. Most of those coyotes 25 not 27, were taken with a rifle, maybe a couple were done in with a shotgun.
The other picture was me when I was young lol and all those animals 27, died at the hands of a rifle, a sako 22-250.
I think it's kind of interestingg to see old pictures of yesteryear. If the guy that sent that picture has any more please post them, I'll do the same. I think guys would like to see what it was like years ago, what do you think?
Del, thank you lol. I know I'm getting old, but I thought the pics were somewhere else. I guess I was having a senior moment lol
No taillights? If you have never seen a California rig, then you wouldn't know what the world's most stealthy predator hunting vehicle is. Texas hunting rigs are nice, but not even close to or as hi-tech as California rig. It is literally a killing machine as attested to by the tails on the lightless tailgate. Why do you think I called my Toyota the coyote coffin? lol
Lone thats what it looks like to me also

Danny I moved the thread here.. was just playing with your mind

Thanks for the pics. Blaine Eddy showed me a few from years past...WOW! I'll see if we can get them on line.

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