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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
in varmint rifles. I cant afford anything expensive and also reload my rounds. Should I look for a .17HMR, a .223 or a 22/250?

I would like to use something for chucks other than a 22 rimfire and also would like something for coyotes.
As long as you are reloading, I would go with the /250. How did the turkey hunt go?
Never mind on the turkey info., I guess I read the wrong thread first.

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Buy a .223 - ammo is cheap and the fact of the matter is, most of us can't read the range well enough to use the added range of the .22-250 on small targets. Plus you have to know the trajectory of your particular load exactly. Just get a .223, sight it in an inch or so high at 100 yards, hold over a little if it's a lot more than that and learn to shoot it by practicing on those varmints and learning to range 'em.

I would buy one of the new Savages with the "accu trigger" on it, if funds are a consideration.
I would think that would be one of the benefits of the flatter shooting 22-250.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>most of us can't read the range well enough to use the added range of the .22-250<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Actually I agree with the benefits of the cheaper .223 ammo and I loved the one I had (traded it in on a couple of deer mounts). I do think the 22/250 is a more versatile gun and if you were to reload, ammo would not be too bad.

Either caliber would work great for you, but from what I have heard, the .17 is not that impressive if you are after larger varmints. JMHO
What I meant was that you still need to know the range pretty closely, since the targets are so small. The difference between a 12 inch drop and a 14 inch drop is not that great (numbers for comparison sake only, not actual ballistics), so long as you know the range and you still have to compensate regardless of which round you shoot. I can get 3600 FPS or more pretty easily with 40 gr bullets in the .223 and with my 1 in 9 twist, I can shoot heavier bullets accurately in my .223. So to me, the .223 seems more versatile.
I'd recomend a Savage model 110 in 22-250. Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods sells these guns with a package deal that includes a 3x9 scope and a sling. Savage makes a mighty accurate rifle for a reasonable price.
Nut, Either rifle will suit your purposes. The 223 is cheaper and the 22-250 gives you a little extra range.. Find one you can afford and go for it. You can't go wrong either way...

danr,are you the gunsmith on this forum,or is it DelW ? I get the two of you mixed up,and I have a question.I'm looking at buying a rifle in 17Rem, and I'm trying to decide between a Cooper single shot varminter, and the CZ527 custom bolt offered by Fred Bullberry at Which would you choose ?
I would choose the Cooper in 17 Javalina or 223. I have little or no use for the 17 rimfire.. they are accurate to about 50 yards and beyond that, any wisp of a breeze renders them guesswork.. It is fun to shoot as long as you are not worried about hitting anything... Oh.. two more things,1. I'm the gunsmith,2. Get me and Del confused and April will probably come after you....

more questions;

1.Is April good looking,and is she single[LOL]?
that was a joke

2. Explain the difference between the 17Javelina and the 17Rem,as far as how heavy a bullet each can handle, are they wildcats and thus require extreme case manipulation in order to reload,etc.

I have never heard that about the 17Rem before,I always heard it was a great predator gun,which is what I'm after.I already have a 223 bushmaster varminter and a 22-250 Encore. What do you base your opinion on,have you fired lots of handloads in 17rem ?

Not trying to give you a bunch of crap,just wanting the info,so I'll knbow how to purchase.
Seldom - you are talking about the .17 Remington and Danr is talking about the .17 rimfire. The .17 Javelina is something else, being based upon the .222 Remington case.
Yeah,didn't notice that rimfire bit after his 17...thanks for pointing it out CH.I did a search on the 17Javelina, and frankly I don't care how it shoots, I don't have that much interest in forming brass for it,sounds way too tedious for me!

What's your take on the 17Rem ?

By the way nut, you still haven't answered my question,how much did you want to spend ?

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I have no personal expereince with any of the 17's. If I was going to get one, I'd go with the .17 Remington: plenty of velocity and brass or ammo is more easily available.

(I agree on your point on the Javelina - I hate trimming brass.)
What about the custom CZ 572 in 17Rem at, you think it's worth $1200,or are you set against the 572 because of your bad experience with it ?
It's hard to say whether it's worth $1200 or not. It probably is, by the time you compare the work put into it with a similar custom rifle. I still like my 527 - it shoots very well. It's just the importer who doesn't back the product. Besides, I'm sure Bulberry would back their rifle's quality!

In fact, getting back to Nut's original question, I would suggest that he check out a CZ 527 in .223 if he wants a lighter "carry around" varmint rig. (Just check it out very carefully before paying your $$$)
SE, I guess I goofed. You said 17 Rem and I heard 17 rimfire. Sorry about that... but to answer your questions about the 17.. Yes I've shot lots of loads with the 17 rem and the javalina.. both are great rounds as long as the target is close and the wind is still. Loose either of those conditions and your situation becomes iffy... If you just want something to play with, go with the Cooper rifle and the 17 rem.. Grab yourself some IMR 4198, some CCI BR2 primers and have at it.. It's a fun round to shoot and you can shoot it all day.. Just watch the rounds and when the pattern starts to spread, clean the barrel and start over. If you can find any 35 grain bullets, give them a try.. They are a little slower than the 20s or 25s, but they carry better in a crosswind..

Hey,thanks for the reply DanR,much obliged.I have a 17hmr,but I am seriously considering trading it in towards the Cooper in 17Rem.
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