What is your favorite upland game?


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Dec 10, 2000
California, or Texas
Since nobody posted here since Feb.

What kind of upland game do you like to hunt?

For me it is probly pheasant. Maybe it is because there is quite a bit of meat on the bird.

What about you?

Hntrjohn, Chukars are a lot of fun and challenging, and I like grouse so its a toss up between the two.
I love to hunt chukar and quail. The little buggers drive me nuts, especially the chukar when they run up the hill and laugh as they fly down the backside, at least I think they are laughing. Oh no! I think I'm going crazy! The little bugger madness is upon me! Aaahhhhhhhhhh! Run up the hill, run down the hill, run back up the hill. I guess I'm addicted!

If you see some mad men out in Eastern WA running around, it is only my dad and I struck with THE LITTLE BUGGER MADNESS!

For me it has to be quail. I used to do a lot of pheasant hunting, but my dog had to be put down and I just haven't been able to get back into it. Also, I used to live in Fairfield, on the Sacramento delta and pheasants were everywhere! Down here, you have to go to a pheasant club. So i run up the hills after quail and play bird dog myself...or let my friends do it! ;)
I also love to shoot dove, but I'm not that fond of eating them. I much prefer the taste of quail, pheasant or chukar. Fortunately, my friends will eat what I shoot. :D
I chase after pheasant quite a bit (mainly because that's all that's in my immediate area) but every now and then I'll travel down home (Southern IL) and try my luck on quail. Just waiting for the day I can travel out west and try some of the birds out that way.
I haven't Gotten Into Bird Hunting ALL that much but Hope to SOme day. I've only killed like 1 or 2 phesants. I'm Amaised that It stil takes Practice even though you would tyhink A SHotgun would know down anything... :D :D

Unit63A, I just Wanted to Welocme you to the Board and let you know that If you Have Any questions fire them off. I see you're from Green River. My Sister just moved from there.... Anyways.. Welcome to HUntTalk.com!!!!
Idaho ROn.... I'm not much Of a BIRD Hutner.. But I have a SHotgun or two ?~? I like to Hike them Hills though .. ANd Wouldn't hesitate to Drive to Southern Idaho For a POW WOW... Whens the Next season and Lets Set a DATE.. I don't visit this Section Much So If I moss it by Chance.... Fire me off an E-mail closer to that time... (LIke I miss ANYTHING :D :D)

Unit 63... THNX for the OFFER!!!! We WILL HOOK UP!! I hear Idaho Ron is Quiet the HUNTER!!!!! we'd make a good trio !!!
63, I live in the twinfalls area. I have hunted a little in the ririe area and in the pocatello area for sharptails. This last year was a bust for sharptails. We limited out every day we hunted "3 days" but I have seen better. Have you ever hunted the sand creek WMA for sharptails? Ron
I haven't hunted sand creek, but have heard from others that there are lots of birds. Of course this changes yearly. I grew up 5 miles from Ririe. Where did you hunt? I have hunted sharpies a lot by Poky, when I lived there. There are a few out of the way spots with NO hunters and plenty of birds. I worked for fish and game one spring for two months. They paid me to locate and measure sharp-tail breeding leks. I've killed a FEW since then. My in laws now live in Twin.
63, I'll trade ya Grren River for Wenatchee. :D No Wenatchee is alright. I hunt Big game and some upland game, lots of yotes. Look me up when you get to Wenatchee and I'll show you around and maybe let you in on a good hunting spot or two. I think we are in for a good deer season here this fall.I'll email you my ph3 so you will have it. Welcome to Hunttalk. :cool:
I will really miss Wyoming. The big game hunting is awesome. I'll probably use a weeks vacations a year to come back to hunt. I will take you up on your offer to have you show me around. I've been reading about the Wenatchee Wilderness Areas. My brother sells to a lot of farmers around there, so I'm hoping to get some waterfowl and upland hunting spots on private land.
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