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What is your favorite time of the day to hunt


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
I know, I know. Anytime is the favorite time.

Myself, I like the early mornings the best. To be up high at first light watching the high meadows and then slipping into the timber. I know some do not like to get up early and don't start out until 9:00 or so.
for whitetails mid-day to late evenings! everything else early early mornings!:D like Calif hunter, said waking up with the woods is an awesome feeling!
Midnight to about 4 in the morning... sorry guys I had to do that since Moosie didn't say it yet.. Nah I'll take first thing in the morning. Like someone else said I love to watch the world wake up.
for deer and elk its at the hottest part of the day.. I like to sneak up on them while they are sleeping and shoot them...

I do like the mornings to see whats out there...

I prefer at night with a million candella spotlight but the game wardens don't take to lightly to that, so my second choice would be the early mornings as the sun's coming up and the world's welcoming another day!!!!!

I also like the evenings right around dusk...

Gotta save the middle afternoon for sieta's!!!!
A couple hours after daylight!!
The reason is, I already know where I am going to hunt and I like giving em time to get there and settle in. Then I'll just sneak on in and sit close by until they get up and start moving again. I usually like to position myself in the direction they will be heading to feed next. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Cali nothing like driving down a road and glass in the middle of the day.. then seeing one 3 ridges over resting under a big oak tree... Get out of the truck get the sand bags on the hood... pull out the 40xb and wham... HAHA Ive only done that 4 times on deer. 3 couse deer one muley ...

Best one was coming back from a long hike during bow season.. I stop to take a drink and saw antlers everywhere, right on the edge of a ridge , no bodies just antlers... So i sneak with in 10 yards on my belly with my bow... and finally pick the one out...They where facing the wrong way.. backs towards me... I took the shot and it took off running... I thought it was a good hit but it wasnt...
I grabbed a buddy of mine on the next ridge and he helped me track it to know avail.... The next afternoon we headed to a far canyon think that maybe it went up it, as we were driving we noticed a huge deer hanging from a tree... next to it a motor home... I pulled up and was greeted by a lady.. I asked about the deer and starting shooting the shit... her husband saw the deer cross the road by camp with a arrow sticking out its back, it could barely walk.. he walked to camp and picked his bow up and shot it....

He woke up from his nap and brought me my arrow... Only 8 " of the arrow where sticking out of it... Nice buck bad shot and I scared it when I started looking for it right away... it was almost a mile away from where i shot it...

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