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What is better ?

Gun Dog

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Sep 8, 2002
What would you prefer. Hunting elk up high where there is deep dark timber with a few openings and not much aspen or more open areas with more aspen where you can see farther? My history has been the thick dark timber. You have to be in the right place at the right time. Not much success at all. I may have the option of rolling hills with aspen groves. It is more open and you can see pretty far. I am told there are more elk but more hunters. What would you do.
This year I stuck mainly to the open areas because that is where I was seeing elk. I do not mind the timber, as long as I am able to get an animal out without killing myself. Some timber I just plain stay away from because I do not want to deal with it.
I prefer being able to see 'em and then go after them, but at the same time we've also been successful getting in the woods and going after them....

We're heading up on Wednesday!!! Hopefully this year will find us hauling a couple bulls home with us. The weather looks like it's gonna cooperate...
If there is fresh snow, it helps a lot. You can (quietly, of course) follow the tracks into the timber. Make sounds like an elk, mew and cow chirp, etc. occasionally. (Ever listen to an elk walk through the snow?)
No I have not heard an elk walk in the snow but on our farm we have cows so it is probably close to the same.
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