What if there were no point schemes?


Sep 26, 2017
Isn't this just a product of scarcity... I mean even if they went totally random you still aren't going to draw that tag?
I think much of it is a product of scarcity, and I think many of the state G&F departments do a good job managing their resources in unique, albeit sometimes unusual or even archaic, ways. However, some of the ideas proposed on this thread are less radical and would likely be adopted by most hunters. For example, waiting periods on LE and OIL for all goats, sheep, moose, and bison in a particular state. I got lucky and drew a bison tag in Wyoming last year. I don't get to apply for one again, and I don't think I should be able to (I could apply for a cow tag but won't because I already had my opportunity). I recall that Randy's friend who drew the Breaks sheep tag a couple years ago had the same thoughts. Even though he could get another sheep tag there, unless the new legislation passes, he said he wouldn't try again to give someone else that chance. That is admirable.


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Jul 14, 2013
Who is going to admit to killing something if there is a penalty for it. Game reporting will go downhill fast.
So lie about being successful and if many others do the same thing, what do you think will happen when the game population numbers don't quite add up to the reporting? They will cut the number of tags that's what, thereby reducing hunting opportunity even more.