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What happeded to ol' BCat


Dec 29, 2002
Since you brought it up in your sig DS...

Please fill me in on the truth, conjecter, guesses and lies about what happened and where BCAT went.

A man with that much pot stirring effeciancy should never be forgotten. I'm just glad I don't have to keep searching for the new forum every 3 months.
He left. He was involved in another forum, some members here went with him, he went somewhere else. That's probably enough said. If this topic turns into just another stirring of the pot, it will have to be shut down. Or was that the point?
Unlax, CH.. The man just asked a question... I don't think there was any intent to incite... If it turns out I'm wrong, I'll apologize.

It's funny how just the mention of some people put other people on edge.. isn't it..

If you're looking for Bcat, he was at Sportsman's Paradise last I heard anything about him.

That's why I didn't lock it right away, Danr. But I do know how ugly this can get real fast, and I'd just as soon not have the battles back here. And I also know that I'll get heat for not ignoring it...
Yeah cali your right sometimes just bringing that name up(and a few others) can get ugly...

Bcat isnt on sportmans anymore from what I was told.... I think he took the pc offline afterthat.... I am sure he is around somewhere...
Relax Cali.....there won't be any battles. No one left to fight for B'cat's side, and there has to be two sides to have a war, right?
As far as an occasional B'cat slam, that will always be as long as there is an internet......he pissed off and burned folks on as many as a dozen boards, there will always be can't "edit" that out of folks minds.

As to the proposed question......B'cat is somewhere in southern Wyoming, not really sure where and really don't care. He was recently banned from his last home on the net, the Sportsman's Paradise that Danr spoke of. Seems even his friends have a limit as to what they will tolerate. I have more respect for them now more than ever for taking the stance.

As for my signature, hell, I just like giving ol' B'cat some shit. I know he reads this board daily, and he and I were at it good when Yoop asked me to cut the bullshit, so I did out of respect for Yoop.....but I can't resist sending little personal notes in my signature to B'cat from time to him a reason to log on everyday, right?

I think ol' B'cat is a great guy. And him being banned from practically everyboard on the net he used to visit or the fact that his Outfitting Industry folded doesn't change that. Just because he drinks too much and has an antagonistic nature about him that causes him to attack any and all who don't agree with his every thought in no way makes him less likable. I think it's his personal charm I find so appealing...

In 10 years......there will still be posts about...."whatever happened to ol BScat?"

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No pot stirring intended. I've followed these forums around for several years, but characters have become legends in thier own minds. Some folks change names/handles and other lose interest and some get banned. I'm just trying to keep up.

Let's see Outdoor life, huntAmerica, Swamps and what are some of the other forums this group has rotated around from. Seems like the hunting forums really got started in about '98 or '99????? How long have you guys been around?
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