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What do you rate as your favorite big game meat.

I have had good and bad from all kinds but I would have to say antelope and elk are my favorite. Nothing wrong with a good moose aged properly. bcat

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My list goes as follows
1) Elk
2) Bison
3) Moose
4) Venison
5) Antelpe
6) Wild pigs (even feral hogs)
I have never tryed bear or cougar or wild turkey I understand they are all quite tasty though. I am working on trying the others though.

Good Luck
The Greek

I rate them in this order
1 - Moose
2 - Elk
3 - Deer
4 - Antelope
5 - Bear
6 - Big Horn Sheep

I have only had bear & sheep once and really enjoyed them. I did not place them higher on the list because of only trying it once. My list is based on an average with being able to test more than one animal or trying more than one piece of meat.

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This list is for Game meat in general.
1- ruffed grouse
2- blue grouse
4-valley quail
I have never met a forest grouse I didn't like. Ron

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If we are going to throw birds in here then there ain't no way to beat bob white quail

For game animals the best I have ever eaten was Antelope but I like lots of sage in my sausage anyway. Never eaten buffalo or moose.

For small game it is hard to beat a young cotton tail rabbit.


I love it. i like deer and bear but by far prefer elk over any meat, wild or domestic.

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For me it is
1 Deer
2 elk
3 moose
4 Antelope----and that dependes on where it was killed.I have had some I really liked and some I could not eat.I dont like it when it has to much of the sage taste to it.

I eat whitetail all the time and its O.K.,but I have tried elk a time or two and was extremely impressed.I am with coydog,I would take elk over anything wild or domestic.

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Mine goes like this:
1. Moose
2. Elk
3. Squirrel from a good hardwood forest.
4. Ruffed Grouse from the Minn. hills along the Miss. river. Lots of wild grape for forage.
5. Wild pig
6. Deer
I'd be happy with any of 'em any time!

Now I'm hungy!!!
I think Mountain Lion is first, followed by Elk, rattle snake,Antelope, Moose, grain fed deer, Mesquite fed deer, and then whatever. The bottom of the list has to be reserved for Javelina. They taste like a cross between a tennis shoe and a skunk. Only thing they are good for is sausage.

Dan AZ
I wondered what people did with lions,I mean I didn't know if you just mounted them or kept their pelts or if people actually ate the meat.I wished you guys could talk my wife into eating this elk with me.She says she don't like the texture.? Got me.I think it tastes just like beef.As far as deer,I take the hind quarters and make it into jerky or sticks. I do not like the taste of deer but I love to hunt so I have to do something with them. My jerky recipe will blow your socks off!
1. Deer Loins wrapped in bacon(The best)
2. Rabbit
3. Squirrel
4. Doves

Haven't gotten to try many of the others...yet!
Tobey how does bear liver compare to hog liver. Hog is better than anything else I have eaten but I've never eaten a bear liver.

Now that the boss educated me on how to I`ll finish rating.
1. moose
2.elk and buffalo, close behind.
3. deer and antelope
birds 1. wild turkey
2. pheasant and chuckar
3. grouse
small game
1. cotton tails
Boggy creek
If you like Liver you will have to try bear liver.Maybe its because there eating berries and our donuts when we get em, but its the sweetest.Most of our hunters don't take it so I get plenty for myself.

We having fun yet//Tobey
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