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what a great weekend


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Mar 19, 2001
We spent our weekend volunteering for fish and game at the moose research center. We helped in the fence repair, basically repairing holes in the fences and pulling rotten poles out. The fence originally had spruce pulls (around 12" dia) and the 8' fence was stapled to the poles, now they have steel poles in and as the spruce rots out it gets removed. They have 4 pens that are about a square mile each and total between 30-40 bulls, cows and calves.

Anyways all day on sat the wife and I walked the outside fence doing repairs, always climbing the fence because the staples were on the inside mostly. Today we took a 6 wheeler and did the fence around pen 2 from the inside. Ran into a real nice bull right away about 30yards away. Being in the pen hes kinda used to the 6 wheeler but the ears still went back when we went by.

A little later we ran into a calve on the 2 track. 1St thing in my mind was where was momma? All of a sudden 2 more bulls walked out onto the trail. we took some pics and slowly pushed them back into the woods. Inside the woods were about 8-10 moose. Anyways we met up with a local (from another board) and the director of the local F&G office. We were sitting there BS'ing when this bull walk just about right up to us (well about 10yards). He was hesitant and obviously a little tamer than a wild bull. He stuck around for a while going into the woods and coming back out.

The moose are not bottle fed, they are in there natural habitat. The caribou are bottle fed and hand fed when raised.

Great folks. They have 2 resident biologists on sight and of course the director was there. Surprisingly they are very pro hunting. And love to hunt. I'm used to most bio's or other folks from F&G here in town that almost seem quiet about there hunting.

I hope my pics turn out.
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