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West Yellowstone, Anything to do???

Horn Seeker

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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
I'm just curious if there are any golf courses or maybe some arcades or something around there. Just in case I get bored elk hunting I'll have something to fall back on? I mean, 9 days straight of elk hunting can get a little old right?

Thanks for any input!

HS :eek: :eek:
The Grizzly Discovery Center is pretty cool, especially if you can get there towards evening when the wolves are howling. Enos Restaraunt to cook your own steaks is supposed to be cool and if you are really bored you can take a walk around Hebgen Lake while trying to avoid the Momma Grizzly with her young 'ens. Hopefully you have better luck then the Tree-hugger guy had recently. Then again he did get a neat helicopter ride out of the deal. :D
FISH THE MADISON!!!Also, my wife drug me to a live theater thing there a few weeks ago, I was surprized....I enjoyed it. Annie Get your Gun was the title.

Also, took my kids to the IMAX theater at the Griz discovery center last month. They have one titled BEARS, and another one about the journey of LEWIS AND CLARK.

If I was and watch movies while the season is closed. Hunt until you can hunt no more!


Wow, you guys are really trying to be helpful and I was just being a smart ass. If I make it to West Yeller when there is no hunting season I'll try and get to some of the stuff you guys mentioned, but if there's a hunting season......I"LL BE HUNTING! And those nine days will go WAY TO FAST!

Thanks all, good luck and have some good hunts!

There are a couple of nice quilting shops that could keep a guy busy for days. There are also a few little boutiques where you can shop for cute little wood carvings of animals like wolves and grizzly bears. If you are still bored, you can visit some of the many art galleries that are around town. You might even be interested in joining Buffalo Field Campaign, a delightful group with fascinating ideas. In fact, there are so many cultural activities to do in that town, I don't know why you would want to waste any time elk hunting.
Atta Boy Ninja wannabe, THATS WHAY I'M SAYIN!

If I had a kick ass hunting partner like you or the Rude One I wouldn't even need to go to town, we could just hang out up in the woods......if ya know what I mean?!? :eek: :D

Anyhow, make us proud this week. I want pictures of a 330 min bull laying completely decapitated in a nice little meadow, maybe even a couple stars sticking in each eye socket!!

Good Luck Guys! I am signing off, maybe forever if that dam sow and cubs got run over to my spot!
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