West Coast, NZ

tarheel.......Big game in NZ are considered pest' and there are no wanton waste laws. No limit, no closed season. The Gov't routinely poisons deer with 1080. Wasting meat is frowned upon but not illegal. A while back there was a couple of guys that shot about 40 tahr in one outing and bragged about it online. :mad: It drew a lot condemnation but it was completely legal.
Good footage, really get the feel of the wetcoast.
NOTE: for all the Americans. That rack is typical of red stag on public land. Bigger ones are taken, some really nice ones, but nothing like what you see advertised on guided hunts. Those freakishly huge stags are like the whitetails that are farm raised, fed and bred to be freaks of nature, which is not natural at all.
There are also private land deer that are natural and live longer to get bigger, but not freakishly huge.
A 6x6 public land stag is considered a trophy.
Awesome video. NZ is on the short list for my wife and I. We hope to make it happen soon. Thank you for sharing.
Just to clarify some people regard big game as a pest :)

But yes, there are very few regulations in NZ and essentially its up to the hunter to decide on their hunting ethics for each hunt. And some will leave the meat when trophy hunting (which often requires a big walk), but most people will take all the meat they can carry outside of the roar.

PS the good news is there is enough deer for everyone :)
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