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went up to the club today


New member
Feb 27, 2002
i decided that this year i am not going to hunt the club stands that were ineffective to most after the middle of the season last year and had a couple of spots in mind to put up my own stands for this year. i took off first to a spot where my younger son jumped a doe last year but couldnt get a shot and found a spot where several trails come together and dropped 120 pounds of corn to keep them coming through. next i went to the spot where i killed a spike last year and put 120 more, it seems i may not have needed the corn there, i didnt use any last year, but the ground on the way in was torn up with fresh sign (looks like an opening morning stand) for a last stop we took another 120 in to the thickest part of the club where even dogs lose deer on drives. i am hoping that this year will be more productive than last year although i did put plenty of meat in the freezer last year.