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Went up again today.


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Mar 19, 2001
This time we went for sheep we got about 60-70yards from 2 3/4 curls. They stood there for about 10min watching us and I had my eyes closed wishing there horns would grow. I opened my eyes and nada. They just stood there laughing at me. No legal ram seen today.

Well, your luck will have to change one of these days. ;)

I just got invited on a Mt Goat hunt down here in 10 days. Now I'm trying to get a new (to me) 338WM dialed in for this hunt. The ol'416 Taylor is just too heavy.

The wife isn't too interested in another goat mount, so this might just be a meat hunt.

Perhaps one of these days you'll tell me about this great Sheep area?

Take it easy...
HEy bill,
I'm probably not gonna be able to make it out til next weekend. This weekend I have relatives in town and Tammy already told me that I'm not leaving them with her. Like I would ever think of that :rolleyes:
I was thinking about maybe going after goats for a weekend this year but since they changed the registration hunt to Nov, that does make me think twice. Something about hitting the cliffs along the inlet during some real crappy weather that doesnt turn me on. Thats what turned me off last year.

As for the spot, if I told where it was and if you knew the area, alot of people would kick themselves in the ass. today from the time I left the house, climbed up the mtn, and drove back home was about 8 hours again.
After I get my ram, I'll start telling folks :D

Good luck on your goat hunt.
Dang, Bill, I wish we had that rule. Since we can hunt bear year round up here, It means I never would have to play the tourist guide to my family. What a dream come true.
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