Went out yesterday



Went out sat, took my 7 year old boy with me and My dads quad. Mainley went out to look for tracks for lions and bobcats. got there and it was great no-one else was there and had 12"+ inches of fresh snow. I drove the quad 80-90 miles and saw only 9 sets of coyote tracks. and tons of elk tracks and elk. one was a 5x bull with only one antler. I did get a shot at one coyote but missed. called in 5 or six defferent stands but no luck. we were sitting on top of a little rise and calling figure there was nothing here so loaded back up ready to go. My boy wanted the play with the call so I let him thats when the coyote came close. I grabbed the rifle and tried to get a shot but had snow blindness and could only see a shadow thru the scope. got one shot when he was way off but missed. I will have to do it again. the boy had alot of fun.



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Dec 15, 2000
Enumclaw, Wa. USA

With stories like that, I wish I lived in
Az. Back when you lived in Wa, the hunting
was still ok. Now it bites!

Anyway, thats cool your spending some quality time
with your son.It doesn't get any better then



Thanks spotted owl, Ive always taken my daughter with me hunting when she was young. Shes a damn good caller now to. not its my sons turn. I would have taken him when he was younger but he is only the size of a 3-4 year old. Now I cant keep it from him. he loves it. I had so much fun I'm going to try to buy a quad. That way I can take them more often.
I was a little skepticle about bring him and doing stand (because he talks so much and moves alot) however he was quiet and didnt move an inch the whole time we were out.