We'll miss you Hankerdoo!

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Jul 25, 2020
Durango, CO
We found Hank at our local shelter on Black Friday of 2013. I can remember this day especially vividly as we were about to make a terrible mistake after months of failed watching for a dog and take home a cat. It is always a risk with a shelter dog, but Hank was simply amazing. Despite being 5+ years old when we got him, he always wanted to learn new tricks. With little training, he knew how to find birds and at the same time we were able to train him to behave while big game hunting. The crowning moment was archery shooting a cow elk at 15 yards with him lying next to me, but if you've watched my journals over the years, you know he was with us on most of our big game hunts.

We knew it was only a matter of time. Hank had started to develop a slight cough, so back in February we took him in for a checkup. Things were much worse than we expected, as the diagnosis was severe lung cancer. The vet gave him maybe two months to live. He stayed with us with no change for three months, but things shifted quickly in mid-May, and we had to take him in for his last vet appointment.

Today, I raise one for all the good dogs!


what a great example for all of us. I just had to help a heeler /aussie cross to her last gathering of cows for fall shipping after getting her as a 6 week old rescue 15 years ago. My Drathaar died of lung cancer at 11 and she was euthanized in my arms in the back of my truck where she liked to ride. Very hard to say goodby, but one of the kindest things you can do for a beloved friend. My condolences on your loss, my advice is wait a little until the pain and grief passes and then do it again, find a new pup with one of the rescue groups (way too many people get hunting breeds and have no clue about their needs). You and Hank had a great life together and I am sure he will be finding birds for you on the other side when you get there..
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