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Welcome Desert Archerer


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Pull up a Stump at Moosies Elk section and Share a Story or two !!!! Don't be shy to say Hi !!!
Moosie, I think your intimadating these guys! :eek: as soon as you welcome them they turn into mutes!
Indy.. Actually DS was the One to welcome me into their "COALITION" years ago... I jsut snuck in , Took over, and Restructured it ;)

DS, I think you're right. MAybe A hearty welcome does intiminate people ? But if they don't like welcomes nor a good jke they shouldn't be here anyways. My guessing is a guy that is a desert bowhunter has the Right Gonads to fit in here though :D
Yepper...I remember welcoming you in....I was very cautious of you.....thought you might be a spy ;) a way I was right, were gathering info and interest to start your own board......of all the hair brained ideas I have ever heard of that has got to be the craziest! :D, it didn't stop you and I Indy...but then again, very little does! ;)
Welcome Desert Archerer!!

I remember the hearty welcome I recieved when I came onto this board, there were quite a few of them.
DS, Moosie, Elkhunter, Leftbehind, Delw, Ithica, Nut, Vipe, DanR, and some that have left the board... I don't remember the rest, but it was still memorable...
Some would probably think that was a mistake. ;) LOL...
I thought it was a very nice gesture and that is one of the big reasons I stuck around.
Looks like the People I welcome don't post.... Someone else will have to do the Honors from now on and I'll ride coat tail
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