Welcome Deer KING !!!


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
THAnx for the Emails bud, Some nice Deer you've taken....... JUST wanted to Welcome you aboard, Don't be shy, MAke a post.....

YOU are as KOOKY as ME I think ;) !! HAHA !!
Oh boy now you guys have done it. Moosie you let Deerking join?? I guess they let anyone in here don't they? Just kidding. You guys I just want you to know that Deerking knows more about trophy hunting than anyone I know. He is an excellent resource. And not to mention one of the nicest people I know. I'm sure we'll all benefit from him being here. So with that. Welcome Deerking.. You da man...
I've probably have exchanged 15 E-mails with him so FAR... I like him (IN a not pan raising way) He's one of them NETSCAPE users taht sucks on this board.... He'll be up and Running with Explorer Tuesday he said..... He also Said he knows how to post pictures.. I'm sure when He does. Even "GRENNY" will make a post or too .... WOW !!! :eek:
I've finally made it here!!! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Hey, I see a few people on this site I already know. Won't take long for me to drive them off to another site. hehehe. Well good to be here, I'll start ckecking in with y'all often...
Oh yeah, I am about as wacko as Moosie, this is gunna be fuuuuun huh? Like the piece of lumber said, its great tp be a board. Yeah, this is what your in for. See ya
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