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welcome Californiacoyotes

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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
WELCOME California coyotes from all of us the best north american site on the web, pull up a stump at the fireside and join it

Mini Moose
thanks mini moose!! my main interest are predators, but i'm planning a bear hunt this year and have been looking for a good big game forum to ask my questions. i'm pretty sure i found the right site!!! you all seem like a friendly bunch!
Yeah we are all friendly and if i knew anythign about hunting bears i would help you but since i don't talk to like bear creek adventures bcat and moosie i think they all hunt them. besides the accuall bear forum the fireside would be a good place and huond hunting as well

Mini Moose

I love bear hunting I go every year here in AZ.I spot and stalk. Ive seen alot of bears here,Ive missed a few with a bow and never got a shot with a gun.
I will use a bow and any color phase but will not shoot a black one with a gun. I only want one and would love to have a nice cinnamon. Most of the bears I have seen are black and you guessed it I have a gun on me.

I have seen alot of the color phase ones but they are either way out of range or while scouting I somehow get in between a rattler and bear.Ive been stop on 6 stalks by rattlesnakes and I hate snakes.

Az has bears all over but we have a quota season, so usually you get to hunt for the first week only then the season is over. it takes alot of time to find the right places to hunt bears .

If ya plan on hunting in AZ and you need some area's or want to hunt let me know. I can put you in a few good area's. The last few years there have been alot of bear hunters here.
the tags are over the counter for the fall hunts.
The things that you have to watch out for is snake's , where I bear hunt its very thick and there are alot of rocks. You also need to watch the weather here in AZ we get monsoon storms that will drop 3" of rain in 1 hour with lots of lightning.

I have a snake problem,I'm scared of the ones that rattle the ones that dont are even worse.I was bit 5 years ago while hunting quail but it didnt puncture(stuck to my jeans though) and ever since that I have a problem about them.

delw so if we hunt together i should probably leave my luck rattle snake home, right?! i'm just kidding!! right know i'm giong to try california bears, BUT i am having a little problem with getting to them as they are a five mile hike one way to the area. but if things don't pan out here arizona here i come!! what is the deal with no blackies? that is exactly what i want!! a black one with a a tan snout. i mean i'll take what i get as far as color, i'm not that picky!! thanks delw

p.s. how much is a non-resident bear tag?
The tag is $150 dollars plus a $85.50 hunting license,

As far as the blackies I just want One bear and that it. But the blacks are common everywhere and the others are not. Dont get me wrong a nice black one would be nice and even nicer if I could shoot it with a bow.

I gave ya a "QUICK response in the Bear section, I don't get to read all the toipics for I have to Work for a living and Can only spend 4-5 hours on this site a day...

Anyways, Welcome to OUR forum!!! I see you have made yourself at home even without the Official Moosie Welcome!! These boys WILL take care of ya have no doubts!!!!

Any questions Fire away!!!

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