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Washington permits are out

Kraven congrats, good luck on the cow and doe tags. A buddy of mine drew his fourth big bull tag and this is the secone year in a row hes drew the alakali bull tag, all with muzzleloader. He drew two daytons tags before these two.

MadMax, good luck on the whiteys, should be a good hunt.
Well, well, maybe I did get lucky. Just got a phone call from a bud. He drew a any moose tag for up by Spokane and wants me to go along and help out. This will be my first moose hunt, I won't be the one pulling the triger but can't wait for October to get here now.

Excellent job Dean, the biologist for that area will give ya details on location and density if you contact them.
Enjoy the scouting trip wait until you see all the turkeys, Kenny drew a big archery eastside elk tag I hear and I will give him tips on where I went last year, he drew same unit.
Good luck
Anyone who can throw me info on west Okanangan whitetail tag i will be glad to listen.
Thanks, great sources of info on this and the MM board, mucho appreciated !
And I will do the same to any who ask.
Congrats to your buddy that drew the Moose tag,that will be a great hunt Im sure.
Mad Max I have not hunt the West Okanogan area before so I can not help ya out there.
We drew the Huckleberry area for antlerless Deer,thinking on hitting the areas we Turkey hunted this spring but not sure.If ya got any leads it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Max I've heard that. Also heard they're a little tight with the info till later in the season. Think they want to give the guides in the area a chance to land customers. Never hunted up Spokane way. Talked with my bud (Jerry) today, he's looking at the first three weeks in October. Man is this goin to put a dent in my vacation time, but told him I was in. I'll do what ever it takes to make his hunt, a successful one. I'm looking for info on the area now.

One in a lifetime hunt, in WA once you draw a moose tag your done, can't ever even apply again.

I haven't seen Ken in a couple of days, I'll check with him in the morning. Ted didn't put in, he's puttin everything into his Montana hunt this fall.

Congrats again on your draws, and good luck.

WW I believe they changed that law.Once you kill a Moose when you draw a any moose or a antlered moose hunt then you are done.Just changed that law this past year.I have started putting in for the Antlerless hunts now since you can kill more than one Moose in a lifetime.Heres a email from the state.
Dear Kevin:

If you drew an 'any moose' permit, then you can not apply again. If you drew an 'antlerless' permit, won a raffle or auction tag, then you can apply again.


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