Very interesting changes to 2004 Idaho deer season.


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Nov 11, 2003
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Check out the link below for some interesting changes to the 2004 Idaho deer season changes.

The most shocking change is “Convert controlled any buck hunt in Unit 56 to short general season.” Anyone that knows much of anything about hunting deer in Idaho knows that the unit 56 tag was one of the toughest tags in the state to draw with around 2% draw odds last year. Unit 56 is going to get absolutely pounded by hunters this fall. Why didn’t the F&G just increase the number of tag or at least make 56 a controlled hunt with unlimited number of tags?

Another interesting change is the “Commissioners enacted a four-point or better rule for Units 70 and 73”.

What do some of you think about the new rules.


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Sep 14, 2002
The only thing I was not real happy about, being a northerner and all, is the increased cow harvest in supposed ag areas in the clearwater area. It was clearly mandated by land owners and ranchers. The ag areas up here are the areas where the elk are doing the best, so might as well kill them off.


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Dec 9, 2000
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Brian, I'm still looking over some of the Changes but I have Mixed Feelings.

1. I think they are misinformend on the Inline Muzz hunting deal and Giving the Inliners a Raw deal.

2. I do like hte Idea of doing a Rotating Unit deal for the Muzz hunt and that they give the different areas a rest from the Hunters..

3. I'm not familiar with ATV's and the restrictions, And usually I leave that to the Dorks that post in the Sportsmans issues :D but WTF is this rule ? c) Hunters may use a motorized vehicle to pack camping equipment in or out if such travel is allowed by the landowner or manager; however, hunters shall not hunt while packing camping equipment.. How do you Define "HUNTING" ? I'm guessing there will be alot of People "NOT HUNTING" and looking for a Camp to set having a Sleeping bag and a Tent on the BAck of their 4-wheeler and a Gun in the Scabbard ready to pull it as they are driving..... I think the Rules are to Open for Interpretation. Heck, Even Fish and Game admitted to not knowing what "Hunting" was .... :rolleyes:

I'm not familiar with the 70's Units and Don't know the 4 point implications in there . I do think it's Funny how Some units are 2 points only trying to get better/Biogger deer to Breed and Others have 4 point only to let the Smaller ones grow up to have more to breed. Kind of Different Stratigies ?!?!

Anyways, I think F&G are on the Right track with the management and Are looking into it. But still need some working out to do.

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