Utah Goat Populations Decline


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Jan 10, 2016
SE Oklahoma
Thanks for posting the link gohunt has a similar article up but it is not as in depth as the one posted above. Where I'm from invasive species means hogs I don't know that it's fair to call Mtn goats a invasive species. While they may not of been natives to that particular area they are still a North American animal unlike hogs. I think Mtn goats are beautiful and unique creatures and as a hopeful future goat hunter (if I ever draw a tag) I would like to see as many healthy and hunt able herds as possible. If the herd on lone peak is dropping at such a drastic rate then of course the state needs to send biologist in to address the issue ignorance is not bliss when it comes to wildlife management. I just don't understand the opposition they make it sound like someone asked to build a hi way threw a wilderness area or something outrageous.