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Unit 1 wolf regs

Dunning Kruger

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May 9, 2019
So if i dont draw wa spring bear next year, ill likely go hunt the north panhandle for spring bear. Im also planning on buying deer and wolf tags. According to the regs, unit 1 is open to wolves year round on private property. Im assuming this applies to privately owned timber company land, yes? I havent been to idaho in a few years, and ive only screwed around in national forest. Is there much in the way of private timber company land in unit 1? Ill be calling bears, so it would be a bonus if i could fill a wolf tag if i had one come in to my calling during spring bear season. Just thinking ahead... wanted to double check on the private land rule applying to timber company land. Thanks.


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May 16, 2018
The following information is on the “Ask Fish and Game” section of the IDF&G website. The spelling and punctuation errors are from the site, but since I sent a similar question to IDF&G several years ago (and got a similar response), they might be my errors.😀

“Definition of private land when it comes to wolf hunting
I have searched the regualtions and the internet and can not seem to find the answer. Can i hunt wolves on privite timber land year round. Specifecally Potlach, Inland paper and forest capital. This is in the Idaho Panahandle
The definition of private land does not change. If the land you want to hunt on is private, you must ask the landowner for permission. If the private land is within a unit that is open for wolf hunting and the landowner okays your hunting on their land, you can hunt for wolves on the land.
That said, most units are not open year round for wolf hunting. Check the Big Game rules book 78-82 for season dates and other information.
Answered on:
Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 10:13 AM MDT“

Since the info is 6 years old, I would contact IDF&G to confirm it is still good.


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Jan 12, 2009
There's not a ton of open timber company land in 1 though, at least compared to units 4-10. It's primarily state and national forest.