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  • Hey there! hopefully the MT draw was good to you! I ended up with a tag or 2.. I have been doing some research on district 300-50 mule deer and it looks like youre familiar! have you seen any good bucks recently? i hunted elk once in there but never saw a big one but have heard it is good.. anyways i thought i would see what your thoughts were. thanks!
    Hope your Thanksgiving held great family enjoyment! Merry Christmas, Randy!
    Happy thanksgiving to you, your wife and family, Randy! One day we'll have to have a beer.
    Hello Randy
    If your really interested on having a good time out and not carrying a buttload of stuff
    Send me an e-mail
    I am very much a minimalist
    My hunting day pack weighs about 15 lbs and I'll go out for 5-10 days in all weather
    Will be leaving in a week or so for five days in the mountians with no tent or sleeping bag as I haven't used them for hunting for 10 years
    [email protected]
    Some on here don't like me much (none of my concern, it's their problem)
    But if you want to really get serious about cross country trips, contact me
    Oh, a couple years ago, I walked from Lost Trails Pass back to Anaconda in Feb with just a day bag, it took two weeks
    I could learn a bunch from that. How did you stay warm, hydrated, and unstarved? You should start a thread on minimal backpacking. I'd find it interesting - may not have much to contribute however.
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