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Two more antelope bite the dust


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Dec 11, 2000
Steve and I both got our antelope.
I was on my own for the opening day of our antelope hunt as Steve was still busy working on a bull elk we had been seeing and really wanted one with his bow,I had shot a cow elk on monday and had my mind on hunting antelope.(We both ended up killing cow's with our rifle's after getting close but not close enough for bow shot's.)
So I set out on my own early wed. morning and was able to find a buck .I shot it at 218 yard's,got it cleaned ,and back to camp where I skinned it and had it washed & ready for the game bag by the time Steve got back to camp.
DEB !!!!! COOL !!! Sorry I missed your call, I was out ... well.. Probably goofing around
Wife said ya called though :D :D

Congrats on the critters.... You'll be getting a cal lfrom me later today or tomorrow..... Or the next day .... or... ;)
What's wrong with you people, always punching the animals in the nose after you shoot them? ;) Congrats, MD; nice antelope!
Thanks Moosie.
Darren, all I can say about the bloody nose is,I had no choice,it seems that antelope felt that same way about ATV's as some of our member's do ,so one good punch in the nose and bam he was all set to go for a ride with me. ;)
Disclamer--------no animal's were run down with ATV's during this hunting trip,nor were any shot's fired from any ATV's and no ATV's were used in any manner that is against the law or in a manner that could cause any ATV haters to get there (panties in a wad )so to speak LOL
Now easy Miss Muley ;) .....my Dall sheep was a hunt assisted by ATV's as well. ;)
Way to go MD4M. Looks like a good one. What kind of dimensions are we looking on the black thingies on his head?
Ridgetop,I have no idea what he score's.
I have the head in the freezer read to cut the horn's off but thats as far as we got.
I dont even know how to measure one LOL
Steve was giving me the low down on what to look for ,knowing I was on my own and knowing my judjment isnt always the best LOL.
They say all horns have to dry out 60 days, right guys, so they can't be frozen (probably talkin out my ar$e again :D :eek: ). I remember from when I was a kid, you have to cut a big portion of the skull or the cap will break (anybody know different?).

Good looking Goat Md4M, congrats to you and Steve.
Ten Bears,I do know you have to cut a chunk out of the skull cap,butI dont know about drying time's or anything like that.
I never have taken anything that big.

We tossed it in the freezer because (saw boy)LOL forgot the saw and I didnt want to be cutting off horn's while the maggot's were crawling around.
We have been so busy cutting up meat and getting ready for a deer hunt ,thoses darn heads are still in the freezer.
Steve,caped his out to sell the cape.

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