George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Treed one today.Little one that I have been dubbing with this dogs looked real good.Had Tobeys whiskey dog on the rig with one of the new ones.They struck right together.Well Tobey,Whiskeys one for one !!!
Sounds good george, I been close to the house last week, got a female thats suppose to pop any minute, another 10 days are training season will be shut down till fall kill season starts up first of Sept.

I think you sold a dog out this way, a white ticked dog, the kind that won't win any beauty contests in the near future. Anyhow, this dog is pretty awesome, I saw it strike a lion track from the truck on dry. Boy was I impressed. So if this was one that you sold I sure would be amazed to see the ones you keep.

Hey Cuban, I never put it together who you were till now.
Yes,thats the dog I sold Steve.Shes a real nice dog start to finish.I thought she is an excellent rig dog.Good thing about her on the rig is you dont stop for junk strikes.She may strike some real old tracks that are hard to start but I can guarentee when she strikes its what you want to be running.She is the whole package too.Decent speed,grit and a good tree dog.Had her on several bear kills last year.
I dont put up with any crap from my dogs on the rig.Would rather go all day without a peep then to be striking junk.
New dogs I picked up are supposed to be super from the rig too.Thats why I took a chance and sold the female to Steve.
Hunted different combinations of them 4 days this week to see whats what in my book.Real hot one day,2 hrs no barks and then home.Other 3 days had 3 strikes.2 bears and 1 coon.I cant stand striking coon.Bad as deer to me.Those were the only 3 barks all week.Now I didnt hunt all day as weather was too hot after 8 am.Treed one bear and got out run on another.Dog that struck coon has a shock collar on him from now on.I put a new dog right up there with the whiskey dog I sold Toby and borrowed back.Anything strikes and she doesnt this week and they get educated.I put a ton of time into teaching dogs to rig the way I like.By the time hunting season is here they should be close to 100% from the rig.
Lots of guys wouldnt mind that coon crap but I wont put up with it.We have lots more coon then bears here.Clients dont want to see coon when they are bear hunting.When we strike here it is very rare to find a track to look at.You have to trust the dog.Once a dog opens 1 or 2 barks on the ground I am turning in to them so you have to be sure.
Heard your new dog from Van went real good.Sounds like you guys are on your way !!!

Hey George,
Sounds like things are goin ok for you....chasin bears don't open for a little over a month from now so am tryin to get some things done around wife wants a porch and sidewalks????? go
Yea George, we are on our way, just not sure which way that is??? I'll just keep following Steve around so I will know when to dump the dogs.


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