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Mar 1, 2001
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Isn't doesn't matter to me what kind of bow a person hunts with, but it seems that all anyone writes about is the newest gadgets, gimmicks and wheels.

How many out there shoot a traditional bow. What do you shoot longbow, recurve or selfbow. What kind of arrows ect.

I shoot a 59# longbow. Aluminum arrows aren't too bad but there is nothing like shooting wood.

This winter I am thinking about making a laminated longbow then work on a nice recurve.

Jump in guys lets talk stick bows
steamer I shoot a recurve and have for the last 12 years tried a compound first but I really enjoy shooting the recurve. Been shooting around 40 arrows a night. I shoot aluminum arrows tried cedar for a while but like the allum. better and my 60# dreamcatcher dosen't like carbon.
I love recurves. I grew up shooting one. Plan on getting another one someday. I have been thinking about using aluminum arrows. I just haven't found the right one for my bow yet. I have been checking out Easton's website. They have some great information there. I plan to start making my own arrows. Last March I went to the Traditional Bow Show in Ontario,OR with the idea of buying evrything I needed to build arrows. While I was at the show Bob Burton from Whispering Wind Arrows gave a talk. I never thought that arrow building was rocket science until I listened to him. I decided that I needed to study this a little more before investing a lot of into this project.

I am considering trying to build my own bow. A friend of mine started building his own. The bows have turned out real nice. It only takes him a couple of weeks to make one in his spare time. What a kick it would be to take an animal with a bow made by your own hands.

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