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To shoot or not to shoot...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Here is a Bear that came in yesterday. It came in less then 10 yards from ElkTurd. Just wondering if it's a shooter or not and WHY you think that ... Someone step up to the plate

Here is some pictures and then some Vid clips.. I made some for Slow connections and the second one is better quality for faster connections....





HERe is the Clips.. the first is a bit more grainy, Just doing some tests... how did they load ?
Hard to tell from pics and video, to brushed up to get enough definition to say yeah or nah. This maybe the bear track I was telling you about I cut walking down the snow drifts just up the rd from your direction???? If so, like I said a decent bear based on track size. Bait him in the fall and you might find that extra size you been wanting.
Nice color but pretty darn small bear. I'm guessing two maybe three years old. If it was early in the hunt I would pass without a second thought.
Since you didn't shoot it last night, and with the long legs and ears, I'm guessing it will make a nice mount in another couple years.
If I just posted the LAST picture that I posted... It looks like a hog in that one !!!!! But in real life you could tell. But only after looking at it for a bit.

I hate trying to tell the size of bears

It was a bit small, but I looked at it like haveing a Skinny wife that doesn't put out (ONE that looks good for your friends I.E. a big bear) or a fat chick that Puts out all the time. (Would be the small bear that your Friends tease but at home you'd enjoy the hell out of it).

It was a thumbs down last night.... But before the end of the season it might be the Fat chick !!!!!
Those are some great pics and vid oscar...

I loved the color, but if someone other than greeny passed him up I would think he was to small...
If greeny passed him up I would think twice, hell I wouldnt mind shooting all greenys rejects

The funny thing was the bear came in 5 minutes after we sat down! I made the signal to Moosie that a bear was here and he looked at me like I was messing with him! Finally he figured out I was serious and started filming.

Pretty coat, but yes, a junior!!!!
Maybe close to 5ft, young bear I'd guess 3 year old... it's about the same size as the one Big Sky nearly jumped of a cliff to kill a couple years ago in Montana.
I agree with Bill except I would only shoot him with my bow. If it was with a rifle I would try to hold out for something a little bigger.
BIG SKY.... BUUU ahahahah, YOU cliff jumper you !!!!

TK, elkturd could have gotten it with his bow... It was right there.

We dinked around for Awhile and got everything inthe barrle, Got the camera set up and I was Still adjusting my crotch when Dinger gave me the finger... We have signals to say when a bear comes in and how big the4 bear is... I gave him the "STOP FUGGIN WITH ME" sign ..... Well, there it was , less then 5 mins after we sat in the Stands at 6:50 PM.... Usually bears don't come in till 8:30 or 9.
Hell whatever makes ya smile. I know I've had a girl that rode like a rodeo champ and used to ask me why she never got to meet my friends...

Besides with a couple of nice bulls on the wall, you can afford to shoot a dink or 2...
Only real hunters would Know Elky

WELL... that little bear better watch out.. I'm leaving in 1 hour.. If hes there.. He;s mine !!!