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To all the new guys


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
This is HuntTalk, this is not varmit masters this is not huntamerica this is not (fill in the 2 million other forums here). its HuntTalk.

HuntTalk Does not lock , delete, or edit post.

HuntTalk Does not Ban People .

HuntTalk only bans , edits delete or locks post. if its extreamly personal. and it doesnt calm down.

Disagreeing is not Flaming if you want to see Butt Munching at its best goto Our Sportsman Issues section.

I will probally add more at a later Time My Wife was just disagreeing with me and told me to get off the computer.

there its edited I hope I cleared it up...

Del,I know you probably think you're doing a big service with this post,but you're actually alienating a lot of people.Why can't you shut the hell up and stay in the fishing section,or find a more tactful way to state your case ?

Your fat fingers have screwed up a few things in the varmint section within the last month,and this particular post is not exactly a big warm welcome to newcomers.While it may make you feel good about yourself,it sure as hell won't do anything for the newcomers,most especially those who actually have some knowledge to share,the veteran amateurs.

Does being a *&^%$# administrator give you the right to go around butting in and tearing up all the various sections with this kind of crap ? How do you think it makes the moderators of this section feel when you exercise your authority and post this crap ? You just gave me permission to post what I want,so I'm telling you,I'm sick of some of your high fallutin' posts.Get off your high horse and quit preaching to all the new people,especially in that tone.You've already run off a few people from this section,if you keep it up,soon you'll be the only one posting.Dammit.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-17-2003 20:36: Message edited by: Seldom Ever ]</font>
Seldom most of it was tounge and cheak.... why is it ok for others to do it and not admins... after all we are just like you also...

My fat fingers only get in the way of my spelling..... If your talking about the post where I said I dont keep coyotes or the skins after I shoot them, what can I tell you other than I dont... and lots of people dont for that matter but you guys seem to have had the only problem and you guys asked the question if I remember correctly....

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Does being a *&^%$# administrator give you the right to go around butting in and tearing up all the various sections with this kind of crap ?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
so Because I was an admin I have to be held on a higer ground and cant butt in or post on other topics unless my name is mentioned?

everyone at moosies can posts anyway they feel on a topic, including admins and moderators, just because a few dont like it doesnt mean they have to be banned or a thread needs to be locked or deleted....
I or anyone else never had to give anyone permission to post what they want.....

I dont even have to be in this forum and you guys fight like a bunch of little school girls, Everytime I look in here someone pissed in someone else's wheaties....

No I really think the people run off due to the fact that they get there panties in a wad over some topic and decide they will make a statement and show the others whos boss.....

BTW I wasnt exercising any authority I was just posting something, that I thought would lighten you guys up in my own tackful way....

SO now I will go and reread my post and make any corrections I can to make it look not so threatening and tacky...
Attention all you jokers, this is a crock of you know what. you few that think you are funny are so full of chit that it makes me sick.

This is the VARMINT SECTION not the smart ass section or the jokers section. If you think you are funny or helping this section out with your constant undermining and agitation your wrong. So DelW, why don't you and the gang go play elswhere, where your antics will be enjoyed by other like minded people. You have made your lack of respect for the coyote very plain and thats your opinion. The rest of us here don't shair your opinion and your crap is cloging up this forum along with a few other nonproductive people who can't stand to see people talking and shairing good information.

This kind of crap is what kills many boards and stops the flow of good information. You don't have to come in here and agitate the members who want to learn and exchange information. Go catch a fish or something but just go and leave this forum alone. I'm sure that with all your experiance you can find somewhere else to beat your own drum.

Del,you made your "welcome new guys" post a sticky,which means your heartfelt welcome will be there for all newcomers to see,until doomsday.I don't have the authority to tell you how to post,but I can express my opinion.Admins and moderators have the same rights to post or express there opinion as well,but you already know that.

You "exercised" your administrative authority when you made that post a sticky,but you already knew that,and you knew what I meant by it.You remind me of one of my grandchildren,trying to twist what I said to suit there own needs.

You brought up killing animals and thinking of them as "ballistic jelly" in this thread,I didn't.I never referred once to that old thread,you did.But since we're on the subject,I'll tell you how I feel.If all you're really out there for is to kill or catch whatever moves,and put the big stuff on your wall,if that's really all you get out of it,then you missed out on the best part of all and you probably need to hang up your equipment,and just spend some time thinking about it.I really find it hard to believe that you're forty two years old,and still consider anything "ballistic jelly". Open your eyes man,the kill is anticlimatic,it's all the stuff that goes on before the kill that makes hunting cool.

Regarding the heated verbal swordfighting that's been going on in this section,as you've already noticed,the populataion has almost doubled in a short while.When you add that many new ingredients to the soup bowl,something's bound to boil over once in awhile,until the soup simmers down.

All I'm saying is,some of your posts are turning the heat up high on the soup,maybe you should be a lot more careful about how much fuel you put on the fire ?

I liked the post you put up about your first badger,when I came in here this AM,it looked like it was gone.I didn't get to finish the thread last night and was looking forward to finishing.Maybe I just missed it ?

If you've really got that kind of experience with hunting varmints and predators,share it,that's the kind of thing that draws newcomers [purely IMHO]and keeps me and others interested in coming here.Go dig some more old predator hunting threads up,good one's like that,not heated ones like this thread.I'll bet you those old threads will get read,and there'll be some fresh ideas posted in the bargain.I came here to learn,not to argue or watch experienced people get run off.

Thanks for reading this.No personal malice intended whatever,all kidding aside.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-18-2003 06:04: Message edited by: Seldom Ever ]</font>
Hey, I got a question... how do you make a post "sticky?"
Jet,you gotta be an admin or moderator to do that. How'd you get your handle,from your favorite caliber or do you fly for a living or what ?
Yeah its pretty cool that more people joined the varmit forum.... this section has got a big boost.....

I love to shoot coyotes and other varmits(due to the fact that I cant get drawn for anything else in AZ) I probally hunt them more than most of you guys except for the last 2 years. My views on a coyote are plain and simple. I am not that infatuated with yotes to where I am going to change my mind....
In AZ 90% of the yotes are worthless, they have no hair or just peach fuzz on thier belley's so there furs are worthless, not to mention they are very small... I have seen yotes in other states where they are bigger and the fur is better. inwhich I might take a different attitude towards a yote....
Lots of coyote shooting here Is more for the antelope and population control.
There are some guys in AZ that preach to the high heavens about people killing yotes and leaving them with useing some part of them, for that all I can say its your choice, I dont pick on you and I expect that you dont pick on me.( I dont care if you do)
Its almost like the same as deer in certain parts of the states, they are a nuseince(sp) and they have to many (but you can eat deer meat) you cant eat yote meat(well you can).....
You guys take yotes more seriously than most people, and thats a good thing for you guys. but on the same token dont go telling someone because they dont believe what you believe in to quit posting and or go away. it just wont happen and doesnt work like that...

If I was to dig up old post it would be the same deal due to the fact that I dont take yotes home I leave them there and you wouldnt like that either, plus of those old post are shot with a .300 winmag shotgun shooting slugs I even think there was one in there were we used a full auto one time while shooting p-dogs.(which is illegal in this state (to shoot a yote with a full auto, it wasnt a long time ago when we did it I dont believe) but it was what we call a target of opertunity)......

Seldom I know guys in thier 60s that think some varmits are ballistic jelly and targets... is that wrong?

like ive said in the past whats the differnece between a p-dog and a yote in my view nothing.They are both varmits like fox's(dont answer that unless you want the thread to keep going your choice.)....

we can go on and on but I wont...
And I wont even touch most of sly's comments
ok just a little...

Sly you need to wake up a little and quit being so bossy and hurt all the time. You dont need to be telling people where and when and how they can post. I think its cool that there are people posting in this forum, but just because they dont share your views doesnt mean they cant post here.
I wasnt starting anything when I posted here a while ago about my take on yotes... in the post about mercenary's... actually oscar started playing first if it makes you feel any better....
I did say somethings on krusty behalf when he was worried about being banned.
If I remember correctly you were trying to flex your muscles in that post

So thats the end of me on this post (not this section If I elect to post in the section Like I have over the last many years) I will....
Sly or anyone else if you want to keep this thread going please feel free to email me,If you post on this thread and I see something to respond to I will however a few people might not like it and others might its just the way a thread goes.....

Also when I posted I was not posting as an admin but just like one of you guys.

I just spent a whole lot of time reading all this, and I still don't see what has gotten some people's knickers twisted. If you don't like someone, don't read their posts. If you think you are going to like everyone at any forum, you need to grow up. If you want me to kiss your feet, or your ass, don't hold your breath. Big egos sometimes have thin skins.

Anyone can post here. Anyone can claim anything they want. Usually, idiots will make themselves known eventually. We are here to have fun and to share information and experiences. Differences are bound to occur.

Now, who have I pissed off?
Cali I had a word in thier "buttmunched"

and one sentence structure screw up that if it was read wrong it looked wrong...


I'd like to say on your behalf I understand where you were going with this joke, and "I get it"

I also understand it was originally brought up due to my fear of reprisal for my run-ins with Slydog elsewhere... and his recent posturing towards the administration he works for only confirms my fears that he is a loose cannon, and could lash out at anyone.

I thought my ability to stir the pot was why I was invited to join this site, not my superior hunting skills... I'd be glad to discuss this stuff further by any means you like.

Seldom Ever,

You, of all the people I know of on these hunting BBs, have alienated people the most (with Sly not far behind, no wonder you guys are friends)... I know of a couple boards people have left because you joined.

I have to agree with Tbone that of your 1300+ posts here. few are of subjective matter, most often you seem to use these BBs like Instant Messenger.

Maybe big warm welcomes into "fight club" aren't necessary... maybe they are.

You need to learn the one most important rule of BBs... admins do have the right[/i] to butt into anything they want, to treat people any way they wish, and to change the rules at any time to suit there needs.

IT'S THEIR BOARD!!! Owning the toy lets them make the rules...

I agree with Del, that anyone who runs off butthurt here, needs to get tougher or go home!
For a bunch of guys who seem to have no trouble killing things y'all sure are sensitive... and coming from a non-killin' hippie like me that's a low blow.


So what if this is a "crock"???

I don't think I am funny, but I am not gonna run off butthurt either.

I find it very funny, that after standing by (as Mod) and doing nothing about the B.S. Good Morning threads plagueing this site, you'd say something about a debate over how we interact in this forum... which is way more relevant than the fact that MtO is the first one in the nation to get out of bed and he's bored or something...

I actually agree with much of what Del has said here, so please don't speak for me until you know what my opinion is.
Cause this time (like most times you speak for me) you are mistaken.

Why can't Del come in and aggitate us... you do!?!
What do you think your mercenary thread did? That one didn't come out making me like you, or this place... that was a rock thrown at a hornet' nest if ever I saw one.
Why should we all march to the beat of your drum?

Hmm... This seems to be becoming epidemic.. People taking themselves too seriously..

I have to agree with Del. There are only two things that are sacred here... Neither one of them has anything to do with being a smartass. As long as you don't make any personal attacks. (The one thing that is sacred is spelling. Ask Moosie about that.) I'm sure that anyone who is unhappy about the way the board is run is welcome to a full refund of the monthly board expenses and can leave without being accosted. One of the precepts of this board from the beginning was the ability for people to make fun of each other without being shot. If you can't handle it, I suggest that you pickup your log and move it to another place.


<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-18-2003 13:01: Message edited by: danr55 ]</font>
Can someone explain this term "butthurt?"

I don't like the sounds of it. What is the mechanism/application under which one becomes butthurt?
Tbone,, that is a Moosie/Greenhorn specialty. Perhaps one of them can explain it.....

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