tnctcb family hog hunt


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Feb 27, 2002
my wife informed me the other day that we were out of wild pork and she hadnt killed anything with her rifle yet so at the price they give us we loaded up and the three of us went out to sandhill farms for another day of pig chasing.we got on the stand at 6:30 and sat until 9 without seeing a thing. the owner told that the high water had given the big pigs an edge and sugested that we put out some dogs to find them. we put out 4 dogs and right away they got into a chase but it took over an hour to finally get the hog bayed up. since christy had never killed a hog we decided she would get the first one she jumped into the bushes with the dogs and her 35 whelen but the dogs caught the pig so we grabbed the pig by the legs and she popped it with her 9mm. a 101 pound reddish brown sow.

next it was 870 youths turn the dogs were havig a tough time staying with a hog, they kept losing the scent in the water but finally they caught up and once they could see the hog it was just a matter of baying it up.we were able to get ahead of the race and he was able to get a shot off and missed, the pig went straight for the water us and the dogs in hot some points the water was chest deep but hey we were having wife was having a little trouble getting through the water so i stayed back with her and chris went with the guide and the pig, just as he hit the dry land splash him , my m77 308 and my leupold scope went right back into the water but he was up and off again now everythig is close but we are still behind we got to the dry land and boom down i go 35 whelen and all as i get up off goes my 308 and when we get there 870 youth has an 85 pound sow shot right through the eye ( sometimes its better to be lucky than good) after all the chasing we were only 50 yards from the truck so we let him drag it out himself.

before we got that hog moved the dogs had another pig bayed so we headed for the water just me and the guide just before we got there we saw the lead dog just looking into the bushes, we got up there and a fat sow was laying in there thinking we couldnt see her so i shot the hog grabbed her and the other half of her started running around. she had a piglet that we couldnt see and he ran around her and then snuggled up next to her. that whelen made a huge exit wound and we knew if i shot it it would destroy the momma too so we just looked at it. kenny the guide said if i stayed where i was and got it looking at me he could go around and catch it by the leg which he did so we knifed it and it is getting ready to go on my grill as i type this


we had a great time momma got a pig and i found out my rifles shoot after they go swimming


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Dec 13, 2000
La Palma, CA, USA
I guess the family decided they liked wild pig after you brought one home from Chopper's, huh? It sounds like a really great day, Tim! When you get out this way again, give me a call so we can have lunch or dinner.

(Jason Lee - are you taking spelling lessons from Moosie? Who, what or where is Flordia? It sounds like a disease or a hooker. Or a diseased hooker...)

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